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Will Constantine get cancelled, or will Syfy save the day? Here’s hoping!

Constantine cancelled tv showI’ve been monitoring the ratings for NBC’s Constantine show since it’s debut, and it’s been doing nothing except go down, even with the latest time shift. So it’s fate was looking a little Grimm (ehh a little NBC humour for you there). But now reports have hit that the show could be re-branded and moved over to NBC’s sister channel, Syfy, which is the channel Constantine needs and deserves right now.

Ever since news hit that NBC decided to not order a full 22 episode season for Constantine, and instead stop production after episode 13, everyone kept asking the same question, will Constantine get cancelled? NBC hadn’t given up on the show yet, as they changed its (horrible) time-slot from 10pm on Fridays to 8pm on Fridays, which was a lot better. However the time shift didn’t help improve the ratings of Constantine at all.

Constantine had average ratings in season one of 3.34 million viewers, with a 0.93 demo rating. To put those numbers in context lets look at the ratings for the latest episode of Constantine. Constantine episode 12 had 2.94 million viewers (below average even with the new time slot) and a 0.8 demo rating. The other TV shows that aired alongside Constantine on that Friday at 8pm were:

  • CBS: Undercover Boss with 7.74 million viewers and a 1.3 demo rating
  • ABC: Last Man Standing with 7.22 million viewers and a 1.3 demo rating
  • Fox: World’s Funniest fails with 2.66 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating
  • CW: Hart of Dixie with 1.23 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating

So in regards to the main network channels, Constantine came in 3rd, but way behind the top 2 TV shows of that time slot. So Constantine isn’t a total bomb, it’s just not rating well for a show on a major network, which is why it’s not surprising to be hearing all this cancellation buzz surrounding Constantine.

Constantine episode two zedHowever even though it’s most likely Constantine will get kicked off NBC, there’s a good chance season 2 will air on the Syfy network instead. Cinelix reported that this is in very strong consideration over at NBC. NBC knows about the strong online prescence the show has, and believes Constantine would be better suited for the Syfy network instead.

And I gotta agree with NBC on this one (which by the way, not something I say often #sixseasonsandamovie). First of all lower ratings wouldn’t really be a problem for the Syfy network, as it is a cable channel. So that pressure with keeping up with the numbers a CBS show, for example, is getting on the same night and time are no longer there.

Then comes the fact that, if Constantine were to go onto Syfy, the show would become darker, and have a lot more creative freedom (perhaps they might even be able to actually show him smoke cigarettes). The report also states that the show would be re-branded as ‘Hellblazer’, which would make a lot of comic fans happy. However completely retitling a show can be confusing, so perhaps just like how the new post-Convergence Constantine comic book is being called ‘Constantine: Hellblazer’, the same can happen with the show.

constantine episode 6 cancelledBy moving off a network channel and re-branding the show, Constantine will be able to emphasise more of the horror and supernatural aspects of the show, and downplay the procedural aspect of the show many viewers despised.

Constantine is the type of character that goes through a lot of messed up situations, and does a lot of extreme messed up things, things I think would be put in the background in favour for a safe procedural ‘Supernatural’ type show on NBC. With Syfy, the creative team may get more freedom to explore more of the Constantine character that people know and love.

However right now it has not been confirmed if Constantine has been cancelled, but I’m fairly certain we won’t be seeing Constantine on NBC for season 2. And if these reports pan out then it’s a great time to be a Hellblazer fan again!

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  1. I agree that season 2 of Constatine on NBC is longshot. I’ve never been a fan of the character (just never clicked with me) and this is the only comic show I’m not watching. Friday night is a death slot for TV and tied with World’s Funniest Fails which probably costs 35 bucks to make is not great.


    • Yeah launching a show on Friday at 10pm was never a smart move to begin with. And exactly, you really don’t want to have the same ratings as World’s Funniest Fails. Constantine is a good show, it’s just playing it very safe right now which is a shame


  2. I don’t follow your humor there….Grimm just got an early reneval. Considering how much the show had to struggle in the start, partly because it was constantly compared with OuaT, partly a lot of people considered it Supernatural light for some strange reason and partly because NBC constantly changed the timeslot and interrupted the season (no kidding no more than three episodes in the first season were aired in on consecutives weeks in the same time slot), it is damn impressive that it managed to survive and is now getting it’s fifth season. (yup, I am an avid watcher, even though I am very disappointed that they mostly dropped the fairy tale angle by now).


    • Haha I was just saying the chances of Constantine lasting on NBC were grim. I actually haven’t checked out Grimm yet, but I hear it’s really good (according to my obsessed friend)


      • Well, very good might be overstating it, I would call it…unusual. But it is really refreshing in the way it portrays relationships. For a genre show it is unusual grounded and keeps the melodrama down (which, as you should know by now, is an important thing for me). Plus, full of female characters…it is pretty high on my list of shows which will get a blog post from me. It’s just so hard to pick only one female.


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