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Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Discussion: Is Felicity right or just being annoying?

arrow felicity annoying


Arrow season 3 episode 12 marked the return of the Arrow himself, which was great, but much of the discussion online has revolved around Felicity this episode. It looks like everyone’s favourite character, sweet Felicity is starting to get some hate, and has been called “annoying” by a lot of people after the last couple of Arrow episodes. So lets discussion Arrow season 3 episode 12!

So here’s the situation: Malcolm Merlyn is scared shitless of Ra’s Al Ghul. Which is understandable because Ra’s is sorta, extremely intense. So Malcolm makes Thea (unbeknownst to her) kill Sara. Why? Well Sara was a member of the League of Assassins so whoever the killer is must be punished by going in a win or die battle with Ra’s himself. So Malcolm’s plan was to get Thea to kill Sara so that Oliver would be forced to protect his sister and proclaim that he was the one who killed Sara, and will fight Ra’s. Malcolm did this because he believes Oliver can kill Ra’s.

Obviously that didn’t happen and Oliver instead got a sword through his chest. But luckily the guy is back from the dead and has returned to his dear Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow, telling them that he will be working with Malcolm to kill Ra’s. Felicity isn’t taking any of this and storms out and yells at Oliver.

And here’s where the discussion lies. A lot of people have been saying that Felicity’s behaviour in tonight’s episode was just annoying. Oliver Queen just came back from the dead and all this damn woman is doing is complaining! But I have to partly disagree and partly agree with those people.

arrow felicity annoyingInstead of being awkward and shy in the corner, Felicity has grown the confidence to actually express what she feels, and what she feels makes sense. It’s crazy that Oliver is going to team-up with the man who essentially killed his best friend and former love. And I’m glad Felicity’s character has grown to be more than just the girl that makes cute awkward remarks.

Although I can understand why some people would start finding her annoying now, and it’s the classic CW syndrome. The CW loves melodrama, so in order to get that they must make Felicity act all super dramatic and storm out so they can reach the climax to which she starts talking about their love and stuff like that. Obviously the love angle between the pair has become a big aspect of the show now, but I feel like instead of trying to achieve that CW melodrama, the writers should stick to the roots of the character.

arrow season 3 episode 12And in that moment I don’t think Felicity would have been so dramatic (complaining about him making them believe he was dead, I mean come on that wasn’t his fault!). Instead I think yes she would have been upset but I think she would have also asked what his bigger plan is. She knows Oliver doesn’t trust Malcolm so perhaps he intends on double crossing him, and Felicity should have let Oliver explain himself instead of constantly cutting him off to continue her melodramatic speech.

Anyways this was just a small part of an otherwise pretty good Arrow episode, but inconsistent writing is what ruined the Laurel character in season 2, so lets not do that with Felicity as well in season 3.

But what do you think? Did you find Felicity to be a little irritable in Arrow season 3 episode 12 or not? Let me know!


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  1. Felecity was so so annoying She sees that they need help with brick and the only person who was able to help them was merlyn but she is all I hate him wah wah Then oliver comes back she is all I love you then she hugs him then she runs away because you accept help from Malcolm Meryln maybe he will explain to her why he did it He fought Ras al ghul he lost and he is coming after him and his family he needs all the help he can to stop him


    • You can understand where she is coming from, but at the same time you’re right she was very overly dramatic. I think the writers need to realise that her reaction in that episode goes against the way they have characterised her for the last 2 seasons, Felicity would have at least heard Oliver’s side of things before going all crazy

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  2. I can understand both points of view. Like you said, it looks like the writers wanted to create melodrama and give a reason to keep Felicity and Ollie apart as a couple (there’s always something that gets in their way haha). I did start to get a little annoyed at her but to be fair, she did say she wanted air ie. space to be alone … but Oliver followed her outside which forced the issue. Also, Meryln is a mass murderer and is responsible for Sara’s death so her reaction isn’t that unreasonable because she doesn’t know the whole story yet. Once Felicity hears about what Oliver went through and what Ras is capable of, she’ll come around.


    • Yeah just when they think the two of them will get together a bomb goes off or Oliver dies or something like that! Haha, but hopefully she cools down next episode and lets Oliver explain himself. I don’t want this whole drama dragging out, because I really don’t want to start disliking Felicity

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  3. I’m sad that they think there has to be all this drahmah on the show. One of the nice things about the Oliver/Felicity relationship for the first two years was how easy and drama-free it was.

    Notice that Diggle was equally “Nuh, nuh, never going to work on Team Malcolm, only grief and becoming a psychopath lies there”. But no one gets mad at Diggle. Because he’s Diggle, I guess. And not a girl.

    I think Oliver’s IQ has dropped by about 50 points this season. None of his actions with Malcolm Merlyn make sense starting with no one in Starling City recognizing him even though he was a mass murderer and his picture must have been in all the papers and TV broadcasts and internet, and then Oliver telling the LoA Merlyn’s under his protection from the Undertaking crime, to this move because Oliver defeated Merlyn in s1 and Slade in s2 by doing something they didn’t expect so why would he feel the need to learn to fight like Ra’s because Ra’s is going to kick his ass again.

    I’m on Felicity’s and Diggle’s side in this, no good will come of working with Malcolm Merlyn and I think Oliver is going to find that out before the end of the season. I wish it hadn’t got muddied with Felicity’s feelings for him but that’s three times now that Oliver has said he loved her while walking away, and in between he keeps telling her that he can’t be with her. No wonder she’s fed up with the guy.


    • Yeah I like that there weren’t many soap opera moments between Felicity and Oliver in the first couple of seasons

      As for Diggle, everything he says is in a cool, calm, wise tone, so it’s hard to ever disagree with him haha

      I feel like hopefully they haven’t made Oliver an idiot, and he has a side plan to take Malcolm down, you know the whole keep your friends close and your enemies closer type thing.


  4. I got so angry when Felicity started yelling at Oliver, she went from being one of my favorite characters to the most hated alongside Laurel and Thia. How else does the stupid bitch thing Oliver will learn how to beat Ras’Al’Ghul


    • She’s always yelling at him! It’s like relax a little, there’s a lot going on. I hope they end this Olicity stuff soon, because it’s ruining her character


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