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Gotham Episode 14 Discussion: Hello little Scarecrow

gotham episode 14 scarecrowFear was the name of the game in Gotham episode 14 with the kinda introduction of the popular Batman villain Scarecrow. It looks like Jonathon Crane’s origin story may be changed a bit to fit the context of the show, but anyways lets discuss Gotham episode 14!

Scarecrow! We got to see one of the most famous Batman villains in Gotham episode 14 (the character was especially popularised by The Dark Knight Trilogy), but who the hell is this Todd guy? Well typically Scarecrow isn’t much older than Batman himself, so our first introduction to the Scarecrow character was from Jonathon Crane’s father, not himself.

In the New 52, Jonathon Crane was raised solely by his father as his mother had passed away. His father who was creating a fear toxin for the government would experiment on his son by locking him in a basement full of scary objects whilst monitoring him (father of the year right there). Eventually Jonathon’s father dies and Jonathon goes on to become a psychiatrist. However as Jonathon was unable to feel any empathy or emotion at all, he decided that career wasn’t for him and ended up well…you know killing people and stuff.

The one person Scarecrow has admitted can actually scare him is Batman. Which is fitting as Batman embodies his own fear. Gotham episode 14 had a strong focus on fear, Miss Mullen even says “the best and the bravest ones are the ones who willingly acknowledge their fears” (*cough Batman cough*).

gotham episode 14 scarecrowSimilarly it looks like Gotham will follow the path of the new 52 with the father creating the Scarecrow. In Gotham, Jonathon’s father, real name Gerald Crane, is experimenting on people to eliminate the feeling of fear altogether. I’m pretty sure Gerald Crane was never actually called Scarecrow throughout the episode, so it looks like that mantle is just for Jonathon Crane. Though he’s still young so he’s going to have to go through some really traumatizing shit before he gets there.  Gotham episode 15 will be further exploring the Crane family, so it will be interesting to see what crazy things Jonathon goes through which aids in his eventual transformation to the Scarecrow.

The Penguin also had his fair share of fear as well. If you’ve ever watched Community then you know of the character Chang. Penguin reminds me of Chang. During the paintball episodes Chang would just join any alliance if it meant surviving. From the Math Club to the cheerleaders he would join anyone. This is the Penguin’s plan. Jumping from alliance to alliance if it meant surviving, however that’s obviously not always the best plan. I don’t know how Penguin’s going to get himself out of this one, but now he’s in a bus full of singing religious women so that should be fun.

gotham episode 14Another character experiencing fear in Gotham episode 14 was Fish Mooney. Departing from Gotham all is well until hell breaks loose. I’m not sure who that guy at the end was, but she sure does recognise him. And I don’t even really want to talk about that last scene where the two of them charge at each other because it was ridiculous.

But overall Gotham episode 14 was pretty enjoyable. It may not be the smartest show, but it is one of the funnest. Next week it looks like Brucie boy is on a mission. Sometimes I just wish that, like Arrow has flashback scenes, Gotham would have flashforward scenes where we see Batman doing stuff that runs parallel to the current story, but it will never happen, oh well!

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  1. You know, just now I realized why I dropped Gotham directly after the pilot…because normally I give a show three of four episodes, unless the pilot is really, really bad, and the one from Gotham was not that bad. But it suddenly occurs to me that the main reason is most likely that I don’t want to know that much about the Batman villains. I am a firm believer that for a really scary villain, the less you know about him the better. Not that a villain which has an understandable motivation can’t be great, I adore villains like Loki, too. But I never really wanted an explanation for most of the villains in Batman’s rogue gallery, especially not for the likes of the joker or the the riddler or the penguin. I just want to enjoy their weirdness.


    • Hahah that’s fair enough, i’m the opposite i want to know their back story and/or motivations otherwise it’s not as interesting. But if that’s what you like then yeah you probably don’t want to watch Gotham because every Batman villain is getting explored fully, even the Joker apparently


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