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Gotham Episode 13 Discussion: Corrupt cops galore!

gotham episode 13 reviewThey need better human resources people in the GCPD because Gotham episode 13 really showcased the true nature of the Gotham law (and why Gotham really does need Batman). Speaking of Batman, little Bruce Wayne returned in the episode, and I’m not going to lie, I did miss him a bit. So lets discuss Gotham episode 13!

Spoilers follow.

Episode 13 focused on the inner corruption of the GCPD. We got to know a character well-known in the Batman comics, Arnold Flass. So who is Arnold Flass? Flass was actually Gordon’s first partner in the comics, and was known to be a corrupt cop. In the comics Flass worked closely with another corrupt official, Commissioner Loeb. Loeb of course was Commissioner before Gordon replaces him. Loeb and Flass generally have close connections to Falcone. With Flass arrested, I’m sure Gordon will continue the trail until he eventually exposes Loeb’s corrupt nature.

Because that is what Gordon likes to do, expose people. However I’m finding Gordon to be a little one note in the past couple of episodes. Every episode he goes all Zod mode, “I WILL FIND HIM!”, and then he does and just moves on to the next. It would be good to see a more quieter side of Gordon that we see often in the comics, whether that be exploring more of his family life or having him hang out with young Bruce again.

gotham-ben-mckenzie-image-600x423Flass is just another one of the many corrupt cops in the GCPD. Even when they found out Flass was the murderer, they were still a little wary to arrest him. The GCPD mainly comprises of corrupt cops or cowards cops it looks like. Which goes to show how badly the city needed a figure like Batman, because not even the law know how to follow the law.

We also saw the return of Bruce Wayne in Gotham episode 13. Batman is typically a character of obsession, so it was no surprise to see him driving around obsessing over trying to find his gal pal Selina. But unfortunately for our poor billionaire, Selina just doesn’t seem that into him, or just doesn’t think that their worlds could work together. Selina comes from the streets, and Bruce lives in a mansion, and has a house in Switzerland.

See now that Selina has broken his heart, he’s going to hold onto that pain for the rest of his life, because that’s what the Bats does. Batman likes to say that he doesn’t keep people close to him because he doesn’t want them to get hurt, but really it’s because he doesn’t want to get hurt, he shrivels at the thought of experiencing the pain he felt when he lost his parents again.

gotham episode 13And on the other side of Gotham episode 13 we had a Fish Mooney vs The Penguin showdown going on. Good old Butch saved Fish from getting tortured, but got himself caught instead because of his longing love for her. Fish hell-bent on vengeance goes to Penguin’s club with a bat. You would think that Penguin would assert a little more confidence before kissing her feet, but then he unleashes his confidence. Which was good because in this fight I’m Team Penguin all the way. Luckily for Penguin, Zsasz and his Sin City like girls got his back.

Overall I thought Gotham episode 13 was a pretty good episode, although the number of story arcs the show needs to follow through is starting to feel a little overwhelming. Now that I have gotten used to the overall tone and direction of the show, I’m starting to enjoy the show more and more.

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  1. Gotham is an entertaining show but it’s not great, just a bit cheesy, but im fine with that. The best actors on the show are Donald logue (bullock) and robin lord taylor (penguin), by a mile, it’s not close. They’re both better right now at least than ben mckenzie (gordon).


    • Yepp Gotham is definitely very cheesy but I guess that’s the whole point
      Oh yeah totally agree those two are great, I think Ben is a good actor, it’s just his character is not being written that well


  2. I like a lot of the actors, I find Ben is doing a good job as is Cory Michael Smith, both whom I find are getting less attention (as actors) as they should but I do also agree with the above comment, Donald Logue & Robin Lord Taylor are awesome. The only character i’m not fond of is Fish Mooney, I like Jada normally just not in this role.


    • Jada just over does it hey! I agree, Jada is normally pretty good, but she just goes one step too far when portraying this character, so she comes off as a joke, not as someone you should fear

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      • The supergirl show on cbs has a chance to be better. It’ll be a procedural drama and it won’t be cheesy.They will use most of superman’s rogues: live wire, parasite, toyman, maxima, cyborg superman, metallo, the list goes on and on. If they execute it well it can be the best tv show that wb dc has ever put on air.


      • Yeah I’m not too sure about the Supergirl show yet though, I lovee the new 52, angry Supergirl character, not so much the cutesy character she is sometimes, and I feel like they’re going for the cutesy version (which you can even see by who they cast), so i’m sitting on the fence on that one now.


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