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The Flash episode 10 Discussion: Rogues love The Flash

the flash episode 10 reviewSure they want to kill him, but The Flash episode 10 introduced us to a big part of The Flash mythos, introduced us to the fact that the Rogues heart The Flash. A big thing in the comics is the almost admiration the Rogues have for The Flash, the Rogues need The Flash to feel complete. So let’s discuss The Flash episode 10!

After a painful wait The Flash episode 10 returned with plenty of cheesy cheesy dialogue, but I give it a pass because it totally fits in with the nature of the characters Heat Wave and Captain Cold (I mean this guy walks around with a Parka after all). One of the best parts of The Flash mythos is his rogues. From Captain Cold to Captain Boomerang, these guys may not be the biggest of the bads by themselves, but together they can cause a bit of trouble. And together they loveeee fighting The Flash.

We saw in the episode Captain Cold was more focused on fighting The Flash rather than making a big steal. Why? Because The Flash gives him a purpose. Even in the comics, the Rogues love The Flash, love to hate him that is. A few years ago when Barry Allen died in the comics, I remember reading issues of the Rogues genuinely being sad he was gone, because it just wasn’t fun without him. They admired and respected him, and didn’t think anyone could replace him.

the flash episode 10 reviewSo it was great to see The Flash episode 10 explore that aspect of the relationship Flash Rogues have with him. And it looks like we might get a new Rogue, who was that mystery person at the end of The Flash episode 10? Well Captain Cold did say “Hey Sis” so it’s pretty clear we’re getting introduced to Lisa Snart, aka the Golden Glider, who is being played by ‘The Tomorrow People’ and ‘Smallville’ alum Peyton List. In the comics Lisa Snart wears deadly figure skates (yepp) and also has other high tech weapons.

Her character description on The Flash is as follows: “While Leonard is cold and calculating, Lisa is a wild child and anxious to prove to her older brother she’s got what it takes to be in his criminal gang. She is sly, charming, and even a little sadistic. She’s also not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants, which will put her on a collision course with S.T.A.R. Labs employee and friend of The Flash — Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes).”

the flash episode 10 golden gliderWe also saw Harrison Wells being all weird and mysterious again. He asks Barry “I hope we’re not enemies” in a very clear moment of foreshadowing, and was even about to stand up out of his wheelchair when he thought Barry was about to get really hurt during his training. What the heck is this guy up? Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen recently made some comments about the Reverse Flash and talked about that even though we know what we think we know (that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash) there is actually a lot more to it, it’s not that simple. Personally I don’t want Harrison Wells to actually be super evil because I like having him on The Flash team, so it will be interesting to see how they move forward with his character.

Oh and just a mini rant here: Iris, when your boyfriend is doing his job, in the middle of trying to handle a situation in which two crazy guys with crazy weapons are fighting a meta-human don’t run up to him, he is clearly very very busy! Grrr why, why must they always have her do something annoying or stupid in the episode??

But anyways overall The Flash episode 10 was great, and the mid-season is off to a strong start. I can’t wait to see more villains get added to the Rogues Gallery, and to see what Harrison Wells’ master plan is.

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  1. Hey I really like your blog and see you have quite a big following. I’ve only just got my film blog up and running but was wondering if you could give me some tips on getting more people to see my blog etc. Thanks 🙂


    • Thanks, and I don’t really have a big following at all haha but if you want more people to see your blog the best thing that I did was use keywords in my posts so that your posts comes up top in search engine results. So like for example with this post my keyword is ‘The Flash episode 10’ which i used in the title, url, and throughout the post, so that when people search that keyword on google my post will be higher on the search ranking if you know what I mean haha. Also sharing your posts on the internet is helpful, I found Reddit to be the best. And just following other people’s blogs and stuff like that! Good luck with your blog 🙂


  2. Wb is in such a great position with dc characters on the cw that they can do whatever they want now. They can spin off atom, firestorm, the question, doom patrol, black lightning, star girl, etc, and people will watch.They’re in the same position marvel is in with their movies.
    However i believe they may have screwed up with choosing krypton on syfy over boostergold, but i could be wrong, we’ll see.


    • Yeah that’s so true, there’s so many characters and story arcs they can play with. I agree with you about Krypton, it’s such a weird concept to choose, esp considering how awesome Booster Gold could have been!


  3. Wow. I love how you get to digest your episode discussions! I should take some notes on how you do it. Lol. But srsly, you’re very well versed with the comic book world. This is amazing! 😀


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