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Gotham Episode 12 Discussion: Backstabs and Bromances

gotham episode 12 reviewGotham episode 12 all around was a great episode that was full of backstabbing and bromantic moments. I have to say I’m liking Gotham more and more, and really loved this episode. The tone, story and performances were all great so lets discuss Gotham episode 12.

Spoilers Follow!

Gotta love the Penguin! Gotham episode 12 saw the Penguin’s elaborate plan of scheming and backstabbing finally payoff as Fish Mooney gets the flick from Falcone. And I reckon the Penguin has earned it, he had to deal with having to massage Fish Mooney’s feet, and be the cook for Maroni. After all his troubles he finally gets to be at a place of true power. Well for now at least.

I’m interested to see how Maroni responds to the Penguin’s betrayal. I’m loving this feud between Falcone and Maroni.

Falcone also finds out about his backstabbing girl. His creepy Oedipus Complex gets a smack in the face once he finds out Liza only got close to him for Fish Mooney. The scene where he strangles her was extremely cliche, with the shot of the flower dropping by her body, but I guess the overly dramatic nature of that scene perfectly fits the tone of the show.

gotham episode 12Back on the side of the law in Gotham episode 12 Gordon has gotten his job back. I would have liked to see him in Arkham a little more, in fact I think they should have kept him there for a while. There’s a lot of interesting story arcs they could have developed with him working in Arkham. Regardless he is back in the GCPD with his good buddy Bullock.

I love buddy cops, so it’s no surprise that I adore this developing bromance between Gordon and Bullock. Bullock seems to be getting dragged into the shit Gordon gets himself in to which is funny. And it’s funny to see that Bullock is almost more of a boy scout than Gordon. Because Gordon is no longer taking shit from anybody. He’s probably going to get himself in trouble with his new attitude but until then he’s all “I am man hear me roar!”.

gotham episode 12Also I have to say I’m starting to really love Edward’s character. I wasn’t really the biggest fan of his character before, but as the tone of the show has shifted into a more playful, campy area (which you can pick up with the music they play now), Edward’s character fits in a lot more. Too bad he isn’t the best at getting girls, but sending a girl a cupcake with a bullet in it probably isn’t the best plan.

Notably missing from Gotham episode 12 was kid Bruce Wayne. What is he doing? Is he learning a new fighting style? Jumping off taller buildings? The suspense is killing me! Actually it isn’t, and I don’t mind that they haven’t had him appear in the recent episodes, as it gives more time to focus on Gordon and the Penguin’s story arc.

Overall Gotham episode 12 showed me that the show is finally finding its footing. The tone is a lot more constant, and the story is more focused. So if you were turned off Gotham after watching the first couple of episodes, I suggest checking the series out now.


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  1. Nice, I definitely agree with you on recently enjoying Gotham more – I’ve really enjoyed the last two. Probably cause they’ve featured the better characters: Gordon, Penguin, Bullock, Maroni, Falcone, Butch, Zsasz, Fish (to some extent – I still hate her, but that’s a sign she’s created a truly despicable villain). The Gang War is the most compelling aspect of this show.

    I’m glad we haven’t seen Bruce and Selina much recently. They don’t really have much of a story (we all know they’ll survive to grow up into their adult versions). The one thing I’d disagree with you on is Ed. He still really gets on my nerves 😛


    • Yeah less of Selina and Barbara and all those kid villains is good. I love the Gang War stuff! Haha aww but Ed is so sweet, I’m loving him but I understand why he would be annoying to you :p

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  2. I really enjoyed this episode though I’m still not feeling the Ed Nygma love yet. Of all of the villains they’re introducing, he’s the one who just feels forced in. I did enjoy his little galoshes moment though.

    I loved the gang dynamics in this episode though and that moment where Penguin blurts out what he’s actually doing was a great OMG cliffhanger as we wonder what Maroni will do. I can’t wait to see what he will do to Fish next episode.

    Finally I loved the use of the Electrocutioner in this story. Visually he looked cool – straddling believability and stylization – and I appreciated that he was a comics villain Jim could take down (and that he used his brain to do it).

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