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Gotham Episode 11: Welcome to the wonderfully weird and whacky world of Arkham

gotham episode 11And the first returning comic book show of 2015 is Gotham, and I would say that nearly 3/4 of Gotham episode 11 was pretty good. One of the best moves this show has made is to move away from the GCPD to Arkham Asylum. So let’s discuss Gotham episode 11 (spoilers follow).

First lets discuss the main weaknesses of Gotham episode 11: Barbara and kid villain adventures. They had a dramatic scene in episode 11 where Barbara and Renee ‘break-up’ except it wasn’t dramatic at all. You can’t expect the audience to be interested in a relationship that was developed in tiny bits and pieces and then ended in practically one episode. That whole relationship just seems unneccessary.

Then you have Catwoman and Poison Ivy hanging out. Which again I found completely unnecessary to the story right now. I just find the whole inclusion of kid Poison Ivy pointless anyways.

But moving away from the negatives of Gotham episode 11, having Gordon in Arkham Asylum was a really great idea. The plot of the episode was pretty predictable regarding those involved in the crimes that were going on in the Asylum, but the episode was a great tease for the type of story arcs we can expect to have in the future. Just thinking about the other villains they can introduce from Arkham is getting me all excited.

gotham episode 11 arkham asylumWe got a great sense of the type of place Arkham is right now. It’s run down, and was rebuilt on shaky ground. The patients are the craziest of the crazy and the employees aren’t exactly equipped to handle it, you can see shit is about to go down real fast in there.

I loved the playful tone the episode had (aside from the Barbara scenes), from Gordon interviewing the patients to Bullock telling Penguin (sorry The Penguin) that he is his Bonsai tree (what’s a Bonsai tree?) that really made the episode stronger.

I feel like Gotham should stick to this more playful tone. A lot of the characters on the show are complete caricatures and for that to work, they need to show they are aware of the ridiculous nature of the story, city and characters on the show. Instead of trying to copy the tone of The Dark Knight trilogy, I feel like this show would be better served if it continued to have a similar tone to Burton’s Batman’s films. Those movies were darker yet more playful and played up the camp just a bit, and if Gotham maintains that whilst cutting out the fat that is Barbara then it will have a better time maintaining a consistently strong show.

gotham episode 11 leslie thompkinsWe also got an introduction of another major Batman character in Gotham episode 11, Dr Leslie Thompkins. Dr Thompkins traditionally has a large part in Bruce’s upbringing so it makes sense for them to introduce her into the show. Gotham really needs to develop some strong characters within Arkham to keep the focus of the show mainly there, and introducing Leslie is a great first step.

Now that they have taken the story to Arkham, I’m thinking we’re going to really see the origin and development of one major villain in Arkham. It’s obviously not going to be someone like the Joker, but they could develop someone like the Scarecrow character in Arkham. They might build up the big bad of season 2 in Arkham Asylum.

Oh and for once Fish Mooney didn’t annoy me in the episode. Maybe I’m still in a holiday cheer, but I had no issues with her this episode.

Anyways what did you think of Gotham episode 11? Do you like that they have shifted the focus over to Arkham Asylum? Let me know!

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you said. The way that Arkham Asylum was framed really highlighted how insane the asylum really is. Also is there any point to Barbara at this point she serves no purpose at all to the story. I can understand why you like the playful tone of the episode but for me it makes Gotham much more confused over what tone they want to go with for the show


    • Yeah Barbara needs to be written out
      I feel like Gotham is better when they are purposely a little campy rather than being super serious, but you’re right they need to figure out which one they want and stick with it

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