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Ant-Man Trailer Analysis: Weird and wonderful

I officially love tiny men riding on flying ants. The Ant-Man teaser trailer came out, and it was awesome! So lets take a look and discuss the new Ant-Man teaser trailer.

So the first shot of the trailer is of Scott getting arrested. This already gives the audience an idea on the type of character our protagonist is going to be. He’s not going to be another Captain America type, he’s no boy scout. 

Then we see Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas sitting in front of many computers, his narration suggesting he’s been following Scott for a while now, “You’re different, now don’t let anyone tell you, you have nothing to offer”.

This teaser trailer is really showing the audience that Scott is this broken soul who appears to be wondering aimlessly. And obviously Hank sees this untouched potential in him. The mentor/mentee relationship will be a large focus of Ant-Man, and can provide a really interesting dynamic we have yet to see in the Marvel Universe.

ant-man trailer analysisWe then see Corey Stoll aka Yellowjacket walking around all villainously. The teaser didn’t really give us any bad guy action, but the main purpose of this teaser was to introduce the audience to Ant-Man first and foremost.

Hank is playing to Scott’s heartstrings, talking to Scott about his daughter and family. He asks Scott to be the Ant-Man, and of course Scott gives a reply you would expect him to give considering he’s being played by Paul Rudd, “huh”.

The music is dramatic and as the trailer cuts to quick shots of serious action, you can still tell this movie will have a lot of quirk in it. After all this guy becomes tiny and starts riding ants, I mean you can only take that so seriously.

ant-man trailer analysisAnd that quirk is clear from the very last line of the teaser trailer, “Is it too late to change the name?”.

The costume looks great in the teaser. They showed us an official image of Paul Rudd in the suit on the cover of EW but it was badly photoshopped so you couldn’t really tell how it looked like on him. But in action the suit looks pretty awesome and functional. 

ant-man trailer analysisAnd just a reminder that this is only a teaser trailer. I saw a lot of comments about people complaining that the teaser is a little mediocre, but it’s not a full trailer! So once the first full trailer comes out, then we will get an idea of the bad guys in the film and the larger story. Right now the main purpose of the Ant-Man trailer was to get people excited about it, and that’s exactly what it has done.

Anyways what did you think of the Ant-Man teaser trailer? Let me know!

Official Ant-Man synopsis:

The next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen for the first time with Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” when master thief Scott Lang must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats.

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  1. I think that while I had (unlike many others) high hopes for the movie from the get go, Marvel at the very least now shows that they know how to market it.
    So….your thoughts about Agent Carter?


    • Yeah so far I’m loving what I’m seeing
      Well I’ve only watched the first episode so far, but it’s really good! I didn’t really care that much about her character in Captain America, but I’m loving her in the show.
      What did you think about it?


      • Love it! The character is great, I especially loved that they allow her to show vulnerability in the right moments, and the situation in which she is, being pushed aside for all the men who come back from war…it’s really relatable. Plus, I love the hat!
        Did you see the Agent Carter short they created as DVD extra? I think that one is what made the character popular, not exactly the movie.


      • Hahah the hat is pretty great. Just watched the second episode, I love that they’re contrasting the damsel in distress from the radio program to her, great episode!
        No I haven’t, I’ll check it out though


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