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Maybe it’s time to move on from Batman and Robin

batman and robin comic(Spoilers for anyone that hasn’t read the Robin Rises arc)

So if you’ve been keeping up with all the 100s of current Batman books then you know a certain somebody has come back from the dead. Which got me thinking about how important it is for Batman to have his iconic sidekick with him.

So Damian Wayne is no longer dead. The former Robin and son of Batman was resurrected (of course) bringing the team of Batman and Robin back together again. But is it even necessary to bring back the famous duo?

Robin was originally introduced into the Batman comics to be a gateway for children. Children could read Batman comics and imagine themselves as Robin, having fun adventures with Batman. But let’s be honest, is being Robin all that fun? Back in the day yeah it would have been fun to be Robin, but as the Batman comics continued to grow darker over the years, that sense of fun quickly dropped.

As Robin you get shot at, bombed at, tortured by villains, killed by the Joker and the list goes on. These Batman comics have grown away from trying to appeal to children. Because do children really want to read stories about the Joker cutting his face off and then walking around Gotham with his saggy cut off face being stuck back on to his flesh. That’s a story that induces nightmares!

does batman need robinAnd because the Batman comics have become a lot darker and serious, it just seems unusual to have a kid sidekick running around with you. I mean is it really the best idea to have your 10-year-old son running around with you in the crazy streets of Gotham?

The Batman in the new 52 can and should function without Robin. And don’t get me wrong, I love my Robins. And I love that Nightwing, Red Robin and Red Hood occasionally come and help Batman out. That’s fine because they are now their own individual characters in their own individual worlds who function outside of Batman. They aren’t children anymore, they’re not with Batman all the time.

all the new 52 robinsBut the idea of having a kid Robin running around with Batman while Batman is trying to stop the Joker from causing the entire city of Gotham from killing themselves just seems stupid. The present day Batman doesn’t need a Robin anymore.

I guess at the end of the day this is the world of comic books, so having this kid run around with this darker Batman isn’t so ridiculous considering the other stuff that goes on in comics, but to be honest I could have done without this whole Robin Rises arc.

batman and robin 66However I do think it’s good Batman has his son back, there’s only so much death one guy can take. And having someone who brings a little happiness into the Dark Knight’s life is always a good thing. So I’ll be cool with Damian just acting as his son, and not Robin. Even if Damian acts as more of an Oracle role, rather than actually being out there and physically fighting crime with Batman that would be a lot better, but obviously that’s not going to happen now that Damian has superpowers!

Anyways what do you think? Are you a fan of Batman and Robin? Let me know!

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  1. I agree, I’m not sure Batman really needs a Robin anymore in this present day version of the Dark Knight. I’ve never been much of a fan of Damian either tbh, so brining him back with superpowers just seems to cheapen the impact his death had.


    • Yeah I don’t mind Damian if we get him in small doses, but too much of him gets annoying. And agreed his death was this huge thing for Bruce and now just like that he’s back and with superpowers :/


  2. I think I agree in principle that Robin has outgrown his original purpose, but there is something special about Bruce’s relationship with Damian.

    Because of Damian’s upbringing, Batman (ironically) is the lighter of the two characters. This was especially true during the DickBats era, but holds true of Bruce. In a way, I think that having to raise, retrain, and re-educate Damian helps Bruce stay connected to his humanity.

    Especially in the context of the increasingly dark nature of his adventures, that kind of relationship is one I find pretty valuable.


    • Oh I love they’re father/son relationship, and it is funny that Damian is even darker than Bruce, so I don’t mind that Damian himself is back, but reforming Batman and Robin doesn’t seem right to me.


  3. You do bring up a good point about Robin’s original purpose being lost, but I would argue that in a way, Batman having a Robin kind of makes sense. Throughout the years, Batman’s sanity has been called into question and the fact that he has young kids helping him out in the dangerous life of vigilantism lends evidence towards the fact that: ‘Maybe this guy isn’t completely there in the head…’

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    • Haha well that’s an interesting point! It’s pretty clear Bruce isn’t completely right in the head so I guess the whole him bringing his son back from the dead and having him be Robin again fits with the insanity of many of his personal life choices

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  4. I’m interested in seeing the power struggle Damian will have to deal with. He might go rogue at some point due to power going to his head? Who knows what will come of this, I for one am excited.


  5. Never particularly been a fan or Robin, but looking at Batman’s history, he alternates periods of Alone time and together time whenever a Robin dies / runs away, he goes back to those darker roots of Detective #27, he gets a bit weird, then along comes another Robin and helps keep him human and from going off the deep end.

    I love Batman solo stories, but Batman without Alfred and Robin is basically a depressing guy who enjoys hurting people, a monster really.


    • Oh I agree that he needs people his life, that’s why I’m cool if Damian is in his life as a son, but I just think having a kid crime fighting alley doesn’t work anymore haha

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      • I don’t care too much either way. But having a core book with solo Batman and another book with the Dynamic Duo (that don’t crossover) seems an easy way to have the best of both worlds.

        The trouble is, many companies have promised that sort of thing (no crossovers with multiple books on Superman, Spider, Bats etc), but then they go and break that rule every other month, pissing off the readers who want to follow just one or two books a month for a certain character.


      • Yeah have a Batman and Robin book but keep Robin out of the Snyder run and I’m all good

        Oh yeah that’s so true, it’s been really good for the last couple of months because they haven’t been any major crossovers but then in a few months convergence starts which means you have to read a hundred books just to follow what’s going on

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      • Annual events have gotten better since the fun days of Secret War, Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Loathsome non-event annuals like Atlantis Attacks (Marvel) and Armageddon 2001 (DC). I don’t mind reading the trades of the better “event” books where you get the core story. However, I don’t care for how often monthly ongoing stories are hijacked or put on hold to cater to the events every year. I would prefer the events were in their own mini series without negligible tie in books company wide. But the dollar/sales rule, so I don’t see that happening.

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