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Hey there 2015, what’s the comic book world going to give us?

2015 superhero movies2015 is going to be an exciting year for the live-action comic book world, so lets take a look at what we should be getting this year. Maybe even actual marketing for Fantastic Four, sayeth what!

First of all happy New Year everyone! So we have 3 big superhero movies coming out this year:

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Ant-Man
  • Fantastic Four

As well as 8 live-action superhero shows

  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Gotham
  • Constantine
  • Agents of Shield
  • Agent Carter
  • Daredevil
  • A.K.A Jessica Jones

So let’s breakdown 2015 to find out what we can expect from the upcoming year:

January:best comic book tv shows 2014

January brings us the return of most of our comic book shows including Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine. Arrow will be picking up from the mid-season cliffhanger (wink wink), and it looks like the show will shift focus from showing us mainly present day Oliver Queen adventures, to showing us instead only flashback Oliver Queen adventures, and present day Laurel Lance and Roy Harper adventures. From the synopsis released we know Laurel will be taking up the Black Canary mantle in this mid-season premiere, but by the sounds of it she’s going to be a shitty Black Canary and then throughout the season she will slowly develop the skills necessary to be not shit.

The Flash will pick up by focusing on Flash rogues Captain Cold and Heatwave, which means we will finally be seeing the start of the Rogues team woohoo! There’s nothing better than a bunch of villains that seem goofy actually be total badasses and teaming up together.

Gotham will be taking its story over to Arkham Asylum. Lets just hope they don’t show kid Harleen Quinzel wandering around the Asylum looking for future job opportunities.

The second half of Constantine’s season will continue developing the Jim Corrigan character we met a few episodes ago, which will hopefully mean we see some Spectre action in the finale.

Then we got Agent Carter, a brand new Marvel show premiering early January. Agent Carter will help to further develop the history of the Marvel Universe. The good thing about Agent Carter is that it’s a limited series, giving it a chance to start off a lot stronger than Agents of Shield.

February/March:agents of shield group pic

I want some freaking trailers please! Throughout February and March we will surely start seeing some promotion for Ant-Man and Fantastic Four. Ant-Man comes out in July and Fantastic Four comes out a month later in August. So February and March seems like the right time to start getting some promotional materials out.

We’ve at least gotten some official images from Ant-Man, but we have gotten nothing other than a synopsis from Fantastic Four. It’s odd for a big superhero property to do this, and doesn’t really instill any confidence in the audience that Fantastic Four won’t be crap like the previous 3 films. Fingers crossed that when the first Fantastic Four trailer comes out, it will start alleviating the fear of this movie sucking.

March will also see the return of Agents of Shield. The season 2 mid-season finale was huge! The rest of season 2 looks like it will be laying some groundwork for the upcoming Inhumans film. It will be interesting to see how they move forward with Skye’s powers in the show as well.


May is going to be a big month! First of all Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out. So obviously this movie is going to be huge on its own. But it will also probably dramatically change the dynamics of the team. We may see additional team members join by the end of the film in the form of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and we may also see the seeds planted for upcoming Civil War movie. I expect we’re going to get a lot of tension building between Captain America and Iron Man in Age of Ultron (team Captain America all the way).

We will also be getting Daredevil. The Netflix series will be released in May as well. Even though we know the Netflix shows are connected to the larger Marvel Universe, I feel like these shows will be a lot more contained compared to Agents of Shield, which will be good for building these individual characters’ worlds. Hopefully Daredevil focuses on building the character rather than being distracted by the larger cinematic universe.

In May we will also be getting Mad Max. Now why am I mentioning Mad Max? Because Mad Max is going to be one of the biggest Warner Bros films of 2015, soooo it seems like the type of film they will attach the first trailer for Batman v Superman to. Not so much a full length trailer, but more of a teaser trailer perhaps. There were all these rumours of a trailer for Batman v Superman coming out on Christmas Day, which obviously didn’t happen, so releasing it in May seems like a more viable option.

July:ant man 2015 movie

July brings us Ant-Man. With all the behind the scenes stuff going on with Ant-Man, all eyes are on the film to see if it can still do well without Edgar Wright. I think it will be great anyways. Guardians of the Galaxy worked because they made it a full on space adventure, so if they make Ant-Man a full on heist type movie, then that would be great. I don’t really know that much about the Ant-Man character, so I’m super curious to see how they utilise his powers on-screen.

July is also San Diego Comic Con time, and word from Latino Review (although it was pretty obvious anyways), Warner Bros is planning the biggest Hall H presentation everrr! So what can we expect? We will obviously be expecting some Batman v Superman footage, and maybe even the entire Justice League cast on stage. We will probably also see a little bit of Suicide Squad stuff. Although I doubt very much as Suicide Squad is coming out in the back half of 2016, so they might save the big stuff for the 2016 Comic-Con. Either way now that Warner Bros have really put their foot forward with their DC cinematic universe, we can expect to see something more than just their cast members silently waving on stage.


And the movie everyone has kinda been waiting for Fantastic Four comes out! Fox already has a release date for the Fantastic Four sequel so they sound pretty confident right now. Fantastic Four won’t have competition with any other superhero movie, and August isn’t as jam-packed as the May/June/July months. So Fantastic Four has the potential to really perform, if it’s good.

The problem is that people will still have the sour taste of the previous Fantastic Four films in their mouths. It’s always hard to reinvigorate a franchise when the last movie was so bad. Batman Begins didn’t even make $400 million worldwide, and I’m sure it had something to do with Batman and Robin. Superman Returns had an uphill battle as the last Superman movie before that was The Quest for Peace (but I mean who really watched that movie anyways?). The Fantastic Four reboot has the same uphill battle, which is why it’s baffling that they haven’t released any promo material to show audiences that the franchise has grown since the last movie.

October:marvel civil war

The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer came out in October last year, so I’m expecting the Civil War trailer to come out around the same time this year.  And because DC and Marvel like screwing with each other, another Batman v Superman trailer will probably come out a couple of days after the Civil War trailer comes out.


Because Suicide Squad is coming out early August 2016 I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the first footage of the film this December. It won’t be much, but we will probably get some Suicide Squad stuff this year. The first footage for The Dark Knight Rises came out a year before the film opened, same with Man of Steel. Warner Bros likes to start promotion early, so expect some Suicide Squad footage this year as well.

We may also get some Doctor Strange stuff this year as well. Doctor Strange is coming out near the end of 2016 so the most we will get is probably a few official images.

The Netflix AKA Jessica Jones show is also being released this year, but an official date has yet to be set. It will probably come out around the October/November months.

So 2015 seems like a jam-packed year (but really nothing compared to what 2016 is bringing us), but what are you looking forward to this year? Let me know!


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  1. Actually, the first trailer for Ant-man is out already…sadly it is Ant-sized. The human sized will be shown during the premiere of Agent Carter (smart Move, Marvel, really smart move).

    But I am looking forward to Agent Carter either way, there is no way that I will miss it. Naturally I also look forward to Age of Ultron but I somehow have a gut feeling that Ant-man might be even better. Well, I love heit movies, and I always found movies which show the perspective of something really small visually interesting, so there is that.

    The only thing which interests me about Fantastic Four is the initial reaction of the audience. The movie gives me a bad feeling.

    I also look forward to Daredevil…I hope they make it basically a lawyer show with a superhero attached to it. That might be really fun.

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    • Oh I just saw that Ant-Man trailer haha! Well played Marvel :p
      Yeah all those promos for Agent Carter have been looking really great
      I’m excited for the Fantastic Four promo purely to see what the heck Josh Trank did with the movie


  2. People rightfully so are focusing on the dc tv shows, and yes i like arrow and I’m looking forward to the supergirl tv show. However it’s their non superhero shows in the works that have peaked my interest more.”Global frequency” sounds like an interesting concept for a tv series. “DMZ” is also in the works and as a New Yorker I’m curious about that one to. Hopefully those shows will happen late this year.The wb dc properties work better for them on tv for a few reasons but I’ll just give one. For whatever reason tv has less cultural significance than a feature film. If oliver queen breaks a guys spine on the cw or if clark kent throws a bowling ball at a guy and kills him like in smallville no one cares. Superman killing on the big screen however is Armageddon apparently. If the potential for huge profits wasn’t such a factor wb would stop making these risky big budget superhero movies, (except for batman), he’s such a great character.


    • I’ve just started reading DMZ and think that would be such an epic tv show! They have a lot of things in the works but unfortunately not many of them ever come to light. I’m hoping more Vertigo properties get live-action adaptions as well
      Yeah you can really get away with more on TV it seems, but yeah superhero movies are where the money is at right now, so they’re not going to stop making them anytime soon


  3. I recently watched Focus so can’t wait to see Will Smith’s (Deadshot) and Margot Robbie’s (Harley Quin) in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Formula, Will Smith Margot Robbie’s chemistry + Batman-Assault on Arkham’s Harley and DS = HIT. I do not understand why people are hating on Will for taken on the part as DS for reasons as silly as skin color. People need to realize that Big Willie is a huge box office draw ALONE. This is the movie business and comic geeks like me are not the only people who pay to see a hero movie. Do you know why the studio, the writer, and directors are perfectly willing to upset a few racist idiots who hate this casting decision? They know that casting Will Smith will real in his fan base, both the little who know of this comic book team and the characters race as well as those 85% of movie going fans who will be seeing the Suicide Squid for the first time. This formula could INSURE A SEQUEL PEOPLE. If that doesn’t convince you….then try this, adding a big names like a Will Smith to this Suicide Squad should give you a good indication that the studio is willing to put a big budget behind a dedicated project. I am also interested in seeing a Jared Leto’s Joker. As long as they stay on par with the comics and Assault on Arkham cartoon and give this at least a pg-13 rating, these three will nail their respective roles and have everyone leaving the theater saying…….YAHTZEE!


    • Will smith is definitely a big name, but he isn’t really a box office draw as seen by the numbers of his last few movies
      But i agree the studio are really pushing this movie and the cast and crew they have are an indication of this. So i have a feeling suicide squad will do great things and may even be better that batman v superman!


  4. I would consider 48 million in the first week for After Earth a box office draw. The problem with the movie was not Will. In fact, the reason for the fizzle in the subsequent weeks was due to M. Night Shyamalan. You know the one who destroyed the highly anticipated Last Air Bender movie which was one of many? But, we can agree to disagree on that.


    • In the US After Earth had a $27 million dollar opening which isn’t very good for a movie with a $130 million dollar budget. But I agree that also had a lot to do with Shyamalan. However Will Smith’s recent movie Focus, also had a low opening weekend, not even cracking $20 million, which shows that his name alone can’t draw in crowds as well as it used to


      • You conveniently left out Men in Black 3 released in 2012? There are several reasons for the low rating on the last 2 movies, issues that no actor could remedy and if so, name 3 with case and point. When people found out who wrote and directed After Earth… that movie was done. People killed it all over the social media before its release no matter the actor. I am a Will Smith fan and i didn’t see it, refuse to waste $$$ on another destruction by M.Night Shyamalan. More over, Focus isn’t an action, comedy, sci-fi or animation and was released in FEBRUARY. Despite it all, this movie still managed to pull off an opening week at #1 (another fact you left out) that rarely any other actor could pull off given equal adversities hence it’s # 1 spot. Just wasn’t the type of movie that attracts a broad audience, which was obviously never the intention considering the type of movie it is. It still managed to make over double its $60,000,000 budget world wide grossing $121,659,408 as of today and still climbing. Any studio mind far more knowledgeable in the movie game than you or I, would take that profit any day considering the many box office busts this year. I would say someone was drawn. Well, being as there is no bigger name in Suicide Squad who can carry a movie as the lead other than Will Smith, we will see how many will be drawn to see this one. Or will they say the he only had one good movie out of his last 3?


      • I didn’t conveniently leave that movie out, i was just talking about his most recent couple of movies, which in that case i must have conveniently left out Winter’s Tale that came out last year. And yes Focus came number 1, but it was well below studio expectations, sometimes movies come number 1 in slow weeks with low numbers, because the competition was weak, it’s not as impressive, still good, but not impressive. I’m sure the film will be able to turn over a good enough profit and that’s fine. The point I’m making isn’t just about Will Smith, it’s about actors in general. They don’t have the box office pull they used to. In the 90s, there were particular names that could draw a crowd. Now not so much, brands are bigger than actor names. Will Smith won’t be the selling factor in Suicide Squad. What people are talking about is the Joker, just look at the constant updates about Jared Leto’s friggin hair haha. The brand of the Joker is a bigger box office draw than the name of Will Smith. Obviously Will Smith is a huge actor, and I’m sure there are particular people that will solely be interested in Suicide Squad because of Smith, but he won’t be the reason most of the audience will see the movie, that’s just the truth of the movie going audience trends right now.


  5. (Digressing) I think Batman v Superman has the potential to do very well. After the Daredevil disaster, I didn’t like Ben as Bruce Wayne at first but, I pondered on it a bit. I now think of it this way, Ben Affleck will do a great job because he admittedly know that he was the reason Daredevil was a disaster. For similar reason, Reynold’s Deathstroke will benefit as well.
    I know I may be in the minority by saying this… I was not a fan of the Christian Bale movies 3 reasons.
    #1 i didn’t think Bale and his stupid sounding whispers fit the Wayne/BM character shown in the amazing DC cartoons/comic books.
    #2 Aside from the joker, the villains in the movie (two face, Scarecrow, Ra’s al Ghul, and especially Bane) where fractions of the way the cartoons and comics depict them. Instead, they decided to go with a more watered down concept.
    #3 and the main reason for my disdain of the trilogy is, the Bale’s Batman like Jackman’s Wolverine (Who should be around 5 feet tall) are STIFF and SLOW. These to were my favorite comic book/cartoon characters growing up mainly because of the dark ninja like agility and fighting skill that they each possess. Due to this key omission, Batman’s especially, fighting scenes where, a undefined, up close, blurry, and indiscernible mess.
    Batman engages the bad guys then you see a lot of close up movement and flashing lights and down goes the group of bad guys.
    Basically, Affleck already look the part of Bruce Wayne. If they can tap into the Ninja of the character, this will be the best Batman seen on the big screen…in my opinion. Well that is unless you prefer the Adam West Batman from the 1960s.
    Marvel did this with Captain America Winter Soldier. They made him fast, agile, and possessed the combat skills consistent with the super soldier from the comic books/cartoon appearances.


    • Yeah as much as like love Nolan, he isn’t very good at shooting action sequences, which is why a lot of the fights (esp in Rises) are so awkward. Snyder on the other hand is great at action, so I’m definitely expecting to see some really great Affleck sequences


  6. Being as I can not continue replying on our previous related comments, I will reply here: How is Mr. Smith’s 5 min cameo in Winters Tale a reflection on his draw? There were no promotions stating “Winter Tale staring will smith” and most people had not idea he was even in the movie. You were correct to leave that out but being as you think it supports that side of the argument you just threw that one in there, no matter how much the false equivalence to the Men in Black 3’s omission it was. This is exactly what people (you withstanding) who hate the fact that he is playing this character do to mask the true reasons for they’re disdain, spin and omit. Furthermore, you can not make such a broad statement as the “The brand of the Joker is a bigger box office draw than the name of Will Smith”. He is in our 15% comic book circle of movie goers which makes it a truly myopic approach and take on this debate. Conversely, the other 85% of none comic book reading movie goers who currently have no idea of the Suicide Squads existence couldn’t care less about the Joker. They just want to see a good action movie unlike “Focus” or “After Earth” but more so like the omitted box office hit movie “Men in Black 3”. If your Joker postulation was accurate, the name of the movie would be “The Joker” or at the very least “the Joker and the Suicide Squad” because that would be smart advertising. The name Will Smith has filled far more movie seats than that if the Joker and historical data supports this. That my friend, is yet another example of a blind absurd unsubstantiated false equivalency. If the joker was that big of a draw he would be more pervasively exploited in the entertainment world like staring in a currant comic, cartoon, movie (like Will Smith), live television or Netflix show. The reason why he isn’t and this may come as a shock to you and yours, the networks can not make money off just our 15% circle of comic lovers. If we use your Men in Black vs Winters tale logic, you say Will isn’t the main draw factor in Suicide Squad now. I bet he would be culpable due to lack of draw if it fails just like his 5 min cameo in Winters Tale.


    • Honestly I couldn’t even tell you how long he was in that movie for because I couldn’t sit through it. But I think you’re greatly underestimating the pop culture relevance of the Joker. That’s been the main point of conversation about this film over the past few month’s, not Will Smith. Look at what has been constantly trending on Facebook and Twitter, it’s about the Joker, even when Jared Leto cut his hair that was all over the internet, because people really care about the Joker. The Dark Knight is so loved not because of Batman, but because of the Joker. The Joker isn’t even ever really connected to the Suicide Squad, and I believe the only reason he is included is to bring more people to watch the film, because the Suicide Squad are so unknown to the mass movie going audience. Anyways I think we should just agree to disagree on this one, either way I just want a good movie 🙂


  7. You said “But I think you’re greatly underestimating the pop culture relevance of the Joker”? Hello….as are most movie goers outside of the comic book world. If the Dark night was so loved because of the joker and not Batman then why did the 1st before the joker appeared and the 3rd which was the other installments of the trilogy without the joker, do so well? The fact is, the common denominator of all three was Batman and not your beloved joker. You talk about Facebook and Twitter but you need not go any further than the ” Whats this? The internet is angry Jared Leto could be the Joker” section of your own blog where your followers are complaining of joker fatigue wanting to see other villains. In fact, your excitement seem to put you in the minority in that regard and not just on your own blog, the rest of the movie public as well. You would see these points if you popped your head out of our comic world bubble with an open mind. As it stands, facts does not seem matter in your remonstrates. If you would have said that you or even some people would much rather see the Joker, I could respect that but to say most of the people who will see this movie would rather see the joker in this and the BM movies is such an inaccurate statement. So much so that it is refuted here on this very blog. Question, why would most people as you claim, want to see a movie sourly for a character who may not provide anymore to the project then a cameo appearance. That’s just crazy talk. Yeah, agree to disagrees.


    • Although clearly you’re the type of person that can’t even consider another perspective, I’ll just point out that the first Batman movie didn’t even crack $400 million WW, whereas The Dark Knight did over $1 billion. Now do you honestly believe that had nothing to do with the Joker hype? And yes Rises also did quite well, but to say that had nothing to do with the fact that the Joker exponentially increased the popularity of the franchise is quite narrow minded. And you must not hand around the internet too much because I’m really not in the minority when it comes to being excited about the Joker appearing in SS. Sure people want to see other villains, but the Joker has the name recognition that can pull in non-comic book fans. People complain about Batman being in everything, but if the rumours are true about Batman appearing in SS I guarantee that’s going to create insane buzz. Because once again it’s that name recognition of a character that is so deeply embedded in our popular culture. Also I’m not saying the sole reason people will see this movie is because of the Joker, I’m saying that it will create more interest than the name of an actor like Will Smith. If you can’t see that the cultural resonance of the Joker isn’t bigger than those that just read comics, then that’s crazy talk. None of my friends are into comics and have no idea what the Suicide Squad is, but hearing the Joker is in it, that peaked their interest. Because he is that big of a character.


  8. Although, I may come across dogmatic, I can respect/consider others perspective if argued logically. I would be spewing crazy talk if I just denied the fact that “the Joker” is creating SOME buzz as any character does in a movie. I am simply stating that it is not nearly as pervasive as you claim it to be. What’s really astonishing in our exchanges, is this. You contend that, not only is “the Joker” who never headlined anything movie related, a bigger name and draw in the movie industry than Will Smith, you go even further with the nonsense to say, ‘the Joker” is a bigger name than Batman who headlines mostly everything. You also believe, that it will not be Will Smith (the star/co star) but the Joker’s cameo that will be the single most reason people will see the 2 hour SS movie. Hmm, you do know that most people committed to wanting to see this movie when it was first announced prior to knowing of the joker’s inclusion…right? If that’s not enough, you go on to say, that not BATMAN (the star of all 3) but “The Joker” appearance in one of the 3 movies, was the single most reason for the success of the entire BM trilogy. So people spent $15+ per person to see the 1st as well as the 3rd and final installments of a trilogy just to see the joker who was clearly not part of the project? You peddle these narratives, and that doesn’t sound like crazy talk to you? One can make the counter more logical argument, the reason for the Dark Night’s movie spike over the 1st was not due to “the Joker Brand” but more so Heath Ledger’s different dark take on the character making it his own and his subsequent death prior to the movie’s release. You see, historically, an artist’s death often increases his popularity, the news bolsters project advertisement, as well as profit margin. This is more magnified when the artist’s work is released posthumously as in the case of the Dark Night. I have done some research on this SS movie and my deduction is, most people would rather see Deathstroke instead of the joker. The basses of my argument here is, you are clearly giving a supporting character at best, who never headlined in anything beyond a brief graphic novel, too much credit.


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