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Best Comic Book TV Show of 2014?

best comic book tv shows 2014It’s the end of the year, so it’s time to break out those best of 2014 lists. 2014 brought us new shows like Gotham, The Flash and Constantine, and old shows like Agents of Shield and Arrow, but which one was the best comic book TV show of 2014 (in my humble opinion)?

Spoilers follow.

5. Constantine-Constantine episode two zed The Pilot for Constantine was pretty weak lets be honest, and they knew it too. So they got rid of one of the main characters and replaced her with Zed, which I think was a great idea. And with that Constantine has been improving with every episode. Constantine is a great character, and they have done a good job so far with presenting his cynical character. But there’s nothing too exciting about the show for me yet. It’s fun to watch and pretty good, but it’s been playing it pretty safe with it’s formulaic nature. Maybe after watching nearly 10 seasons of Supernatural, I’m over the whole, hear a weird story about something that happened in a random town, goes to town, meet a few towns people and solve the creepy case.

Hopefully after the mid season break, they will really start mixing things up a bit. The bad news is that this season has been culled to only 13 episodes, but the good news is that NBC hasn’t given up the show yet, with it bringing forward Constantine’s time slot by 2 hours which is great.

4. Gotham-Gotham-TV-Show-Cast-Photo Who here actually wanted this story? I’m not sure many did, but they gave it to us anyways! I love Batman, he’s my second favourite hero (behind Supes of course), but even I wasn’t excited about getting the adventures of kid Batman. Gotham started off slow, but it did pick up and gave us some really great episodes. Gotham also brought me one of my favourite television characters of 2014, Penguin. Clearly the standout of the show, Cobblepot stole every scene he was in.

Annndd kid Bruce Wayne wasn’t as annoying as I thought he would be. Initially when the first few episodes came out, I could do without him. But he did get better as the show went on. I could go without the non-subtle hints to the destiny of the characters on the show, and I could definitely go without kid Poison Ivy, I mean really? Who thought that would be a good idea? The mid-season finale set-up a new Arkham story arc, which could be really good, if done right (and hopefully they stay away from overt Joker references in every episode).

3. Agents of Shield- best comic book tv shows 2014I did not like Agents of Shield when it first started. I thought the story was crap, and the characters were two-dimensional. But then something beautiful happened, shit went down in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and then shit started going down in Agents of Shield. Season 2 has been pretty strong overall. They introduced some new awesome characters and continued developing the old ones. I love evil Ward, crazy Fitz and Quake Skye. The first half of season 1 played it safe, now they have their groove, and it’s great!

2. Arrow-best comic book tv shows 2014 I tossed up between one and two a lot. I love Arrow, been with it for 2 and a half seasons. But I have to say the first half of season 3 wasn’t as good as season 2. Yes I love Olicity moments and Ray Palmer, but season 3 didn’t have the prescence Slade brought to season 2. That was until they brought us Ra’s. And we didn’t really get much of him until the final few episodes leading up to the mid-season finale. And even though I felt the first half of season 3 was a little slow, that mid-season finale completely made up for it! Because what’s not better than stabbing your main character through the chest with a sword and then kicking him off a cliff. That right there made up for the slowness of the first half of season 3.

1. The Flash-best comic book tv show 2014 Out of all the comic book shows on TV, The Flash is the real superhero show. The Pilot was like a mini-movie (and for the budget of CW show, that’s pretty damn good). They made Barry completely lovable, and a real superhero. Yes The Flash got a little formulaic with its freak of the week episodes, BUT, when you have the underlining story thread about the mystery of Harrison Wells, all is forgiven. Straight out bad guys are boring. We still don’t even know if Wells is a bad guy. And that’s what’s so great about his character. So no matter how annoying Iris is in an episode, if you keep giving me a lovable superhero Barry, creepy Harrison Wells, and fantastic effects and action sequences the show has been giving us, then all will be good (but still, feel free to show us less Iris).

2014 has by far been the best year for comic book TV shows. 2015 will bring us Agent Carter and Daredevil as well (and maybe one of the 1000 DC shows currently in development), so looks like 2015 will be just as good, and probably better than 2014.

Anyways what do you think? What was your personal favourite comic book TV show of 2014? Let me know!

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  1. Funny how DC dominates TV if not movies. As has been often said. I miss the DC animated universe myself…

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’m a binge-watcher, so once it’s all out there I am looking forward to seeing if all this buzz about the Flash is worth it 🙂

    Let me ask, with the Flash’s villain of the week do they actually use the supervillains from his great rogue’s gallery? Like on Smallville they made up characters and used classic Superman villains sparingly, but on Flash do I get to see Captain Boomerang and the Trickster?!?


    • I am actually not so sure about that…DC dominates the animated offerings (easily…one would think that Marvel now being part of Disney would give them a push in the right direction, but so far, no dice at all, if anything the shows have gotten worse), but it is hard to compare the Live Action TV offerings because that’s a playground Marvel mostly ignored for years. I think DC had three times as many TV-Shows than Marvel since the 1960s, and while they had their successes, they had just as many duds. Marvel is only starting to get really active, so the judgement who does it better is currently still out in my book…next year, when we got a look at Daredevil, it will be easier to judge this.


  2. I think that Arrow is running itself to the ground with it’s melodrama. When they killed Sara, I stopped watching the show and never had any desire to look back. The only reason to do so would be Felicity, but the only thing I have done lately is being angry how much they mistreated her character.
    I am torn on watch the flash after all. I mostly bailed not because of what was already there, but because the show is displaying exactly the same warning signs which I originally ignored for Arrow because I stupidly believed that the writers for once would buckle the CW trend of love triangles, stupid romantic subplot and melodrama. So I am a little bit unfair to the show, because when I stopped watching, there was still a chance that they would buckle the trend (but then, the episode which caused me to give it up, had all of this in full force, soo….)

    It’s Agents of Shield for me. Which certainly wouldn’t be my answer one year ago. Back then I would have said that Arrow was running circles around this predictable, boring procedural. But the show stepped up big time. There is still room for improvement, but I enjoy the characters and their interaction with each other way more, the little romance which is there makes sense to me and feels more like something which is there because there is romance in real life, and not like the main focus of the show (which is sadly the case with Arrow and Flash),

    I am currently looking very much forward to Agent Carter.


    • Yeah I’ve kinda just learnt to get over the CWness of the shows because the other parts of it is so good, but it can get annoying.
      Agents of Shield has improved big time! I think Agent Carter can be really good, it has a great premise and isn’t a long season so there won’t be any boring filler stuff which a lot of network shows suffer from


      • Yeah, it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine…I mostly pick TV shows in which the romance is only secondary, and the moment it becomes the main theme, I tend to drop them.
        I like the concept of a mini series which a finished storyline. I wish there were more TV offerings like it.


      • haha fair enough
        Yeah I know right! I hope they don’t do what some other networks do when they announce a mini-series and turn it into a full series, Agent Carter could be a really great contained story


      • I don’t think that there is any danger. They can’t do Agent Carter without Agent Carter, and that would mean convincing a movie-level actress to get tie down to TV. No way. What they might do is a second mini-series, if they can convince her to do it. But I doubt that she would agree to a multiple season contract.


  3. For me, it’s Constantine all the way, because of its underlying themes of guilt and sacrifice. Episode 4 where Constantine sacrifices his best friend because it was the only way to stop the demon, that got me hooked completely. And they explored Constantine dealing with emotional torment resulting from his actions.

    That is what sets it apart from other shows. Most characters would never ever be put into tough spots like that. I don’t see Flash sacrificing his best friend to stop a villain. I don’t see Green Arrow threatening to kill an infant to extort information out of a foe. There will always be some plot device so our heroes could make a decision the viewers are comfortable with. Constantine, on the other hand, is a deeply flawed character who is forced to take what might be perceived as horrible actions because that is objectively the best thing to do. He was faced with dilemmas no other character would ever face. He isn’t exactly a hero, but he gets the job done, and if you don’t like that, you can piss off!

    That, in my opinion, makes it the best show this year.


    • Oh I love the Constantine character, I love that he isn’t just a straight out hero, it’s great. My only problem is just that the story is very much like Supernatural, so if they stray away from that then I’ll be happy haha. But I started loving Constantine when he got those miner ghost things to drag down to hell the woman who brought them up in the first place. Then I was like, yes they aren’t just going to make him another hero, he’s the guy that gets the job done no matter what the moral ambiguity is


  4. Ive really enjoyed the flash. I would have placed shield above arrow, just becuase of the job theyve been doing building the inhumans. It feels like theyre rewarding those who watch the show with the backstory of the inhumans way before the movie comes out. That being said ive just started watching arrow so to be honest I don’t know that much about it.


    • Yeah I’m really glad they are exploring the Inhumans in the show. Well if you’ve just started Arrow you might not think it’s that good, but season 2 really improves on season 1 by a lot!


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