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Wonder Woman 37: Is it really that bad?

wonder woman 37 review goodI’ve been reading a lot of reviews on Wonder Woman 37, basically talking about how terrible it is (and how she is losing her feminist icon symbol) and while it certainly has its issues, I don’t believe it’s as bad as people are making it out to be. I actually enjoyed the issue overall, so let’s discuss Wonder Woman 37.

Yes yes Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman was great (although personally I wasn’t a fan of the art) but we have a new creative team in the form of Meredith and David Finch so lets focus on that. So the reviews for Wonder Woman 37 have been pretty bad.

Issues with the artwork are clear. I’m not the biggest fan of Bratz doll Wonder Woman, but overall I am enjoying the artwork more in this run. Issues with the writing are clear as well. There is a lot of clunky exposition and repetition. But the issue many people have with Wonder Woman 37 is the fact that it is ruining Wonder Woman’s character.

In Wonder Woman 37 we see that Wonder Woman is struggling with the multiples roles she now has. She’s the God of War, a Justice League member and Queen of the Amazons. The concept of her inner struggle with all those roles was the main thread of this issue. And many reviewers had an issue with Wonder Woman’s issues! And saying that because of her hesitancy and lack of confidence in what exactly she has to do, she is no longer the real Wonder Woman, and she’s no longer a feminist symbol either!

wonder woman 37 reviewI mean what! First of all, even if the dialogue isn’t the best, I appreciate Meredith representing a Wonder Woman who is struggling with these multiple roles. In real life women and men have to struggle with having multiple roles in their life. Their role as a mother/father, brother/sister, wife/husband, employee, friend, what ever. Many times these roles conflict, and this is exactly what Wonder Woman 37 was showcasing.

Just because Wonder Woman wasn’t all, ‘oh yes I know exactly what to do in this situation because I’m a warrior queen’ doesn’t make her any less of a strong female character. This issue is just a set-up for her eventually finding a way to comfortably balance all the roles in her life. So she doesn’t have the answer straight away? It makes her character a lot more relatable to me at least, when she has to struggle a bit before she finds the solution.

Also I read one reviewer talk about Superman’s appearance in the issue. The reviewer says “Oh, and she became Superman’s girlfriend to pump up his studly cred”. No. Just no. Now I by no means am the biggest fan of the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship, but there is soooo much more to their relationship that just her being some extra eye candy for Supes. And what because she has a boyfriend that suddenly makes her less of a feminist icon?

Wonder Woman 37 fightingSome people must be confused to as what feminism is. In a simple summary feminism is about equality for women, and allowing women to have the information and resources to make informed choices about their own lives. It’s not just about being a super strong female who knows how to do everything. Wonder Woman is making choices about her life in this issue. The villain of the story talks about how the only thing we can control in our lives are the choices we make. And this is exactly what Wonder Woman is doing. Regardless of the external forces that are speaking to her, she will make the choices she thinks is best as she did in this issue. She will stand up for her Amazon sisters when they are being put down as she did in this issue as well.

Anyways what I’m trying to say is that yes there are issues with the art and the dialogue, but looking at the story thematically and the ideas it is trying to bring across, I respect that. Meredith and David Finch have a bit of improving to go to fix up their mistakes, but I believe they are on the right track right now.

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  1. Wonder Woman as a fictional character is there primarily to be in entertaining stories. She only “fails” when there is a shit writer. I’ve not read any of the post Azzarello/Chiang WW books, I loved that run, one of the best in the last 30 years imo.

    You didn’t like Cliff Chiang’s WW art? Oh man, I loved that art. What about it didn’t you like?

    I don’t know if it was an influence in any way, but having played all the God of War videogames (which feel EPIC all the time) there was a real sense of spectacle in the Azzarello run, and over the top events, the Greek Gods infighting, cool giant monsters and weird stuff happening.

    I loved it man, this cover was a real stand out imo, and I dig how powerful Wonder Woman looks prying open the jaws of Cerberus. I’m looking forward to reading that run again, and I’ll be getting a JLA box set of action figures based on the New 52 JLA which has Wonder Woman in her New 52 costume (silver head band etc).

    I liked how Wonder Woman kicked a lot of ass in the Azzarello run, she felt like a real warrior, yet she was smart and compassionate and loving at the same time. That is the Wonder Woman I want to see in the upcoming movie – smart, powerful, resourceful, loving, strong and beautiful.


  2. I appreciate the fact that you can respect Superman and Wonder Woman, though you don’t like it. I too, am a big Wonder Woman fan and went into the book with the same problems you have, though I’ve found that with few exceptions, things weren’t as bad as I initially thought.

    And I love Cliff Chiang’s art and think it’s gorgeous! I find it hard to believe anyone thinks otherwise 😛

    This aside, great blog. You are now officially one of the few people on WordPress I’m subscribing too.


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