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Batman v Superman: Not going to be any love triangles, yes!

love triangle batman v supermanEver since the announcement of Wonder Woman appearing in Batman v Superman, a lot of discussion has unfortunately revolved around the possible love triangle between Wondey, Supes and Lois. Because if there’s another female character in this movie, that of course means a love triangle (urgh). After my many years of watching The CW shows, I’m all love triangled out (don’t get my wrong I still love me some Arrow and The Flash), so it’s good to hear they won’t be going down this path. So let’s discuss this no love triangle thing, and where the romantic arcs of these characters are going to be at in Batman v Superman.

Now if you read the New 52 comics, then you probably know that Wonder Woman and Superman are a thing. The classic love interests of these characters have been sidelined in favour of this relationship instead. It works in the most part. But that’s the comics, and this is live-action.

I can agree in the most part that the Lois and Clark relationship development in Man of Steel was not so good. So the worst thing they could do is add another female into the equation. Because if you’re introducing a character like Wonder Woman into Batman v Superman, her primary role shouldn’t be love interest to Clark Kent. I think she deserves a lot more than that. Recent rumours (from questionable sources so take it with a grain of salt) have come out about the plot details of the movie, which give us an idea on the roles these characters will take, so SPOILERS following for anyone who doesn’t want to know.

love triangle batman v supermanI won’t say anything too major anyways, just because the rumours that came out pretty much gave the entire movie away, but here are a couple of minor spoilers regarding the Clark/Lois relationship and Wonder Woman’s role.

So the word is that Batman v Superman will have a little time jump of 2 years, in which Clark and Lois are now living together. So clearly the focus will still remain on their relationship. Amy Adams recently made some comments about Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman, and suggested that Gal Gadot and herself didn’t really have any scenes together. So don’t expect any Wonder Woman/ Lois Lane showdown.

We also hear that Wonder Woman will be off on the side doing her own thing anyways. She doesn’t have time to go create some tension in the Lois/Clark relationship, when she’s got her own problems to deal with, something that involves our villain of the movie Lex Luthor.

But for all those fans of the Justice League animated show, you might be a little happy for what you hear next. In the Justice League animated show Wonder Woman and Batman had a little thing. Well really it was just a little romantic tension, nothing much else. But you could tell they obviously had feelings for each other. I actually prefer the Wonder Woman/Batman pairing over the Wonder Woman/Superman pairing, because the intensity of Wonder Woman perfectly fits the intensity of Batman.

love triangle batman v supermanWell anyways apparently we will be seeing a little banter between Wonder Woman and Batman. I doubt we will see anything more than that, and I hope we don’t. I’m not really interested in seeing some grand superhero romance play out, let’s just stay focused on the important stuff.

And for all you of worried about this film having too many characters, it sounds like most characters will have a minor role (even characters like Perry White and Alfred), with the main focus being on Superman.

If you want to read all these rumours you can check them out here:

Anyways are you happy Batman v Superman will be staying away from love triangles? Or are you a fan of the Wonder Woman/Superman pairing? Let me know! 

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  1. I’m opposed to live triangles as seen in Arrow or Smallville etc because that is the focal point there. They spend too much time exploring tumultuous relationships, which isn’t to my liking.

    How would I feel about a WW/Superman/Lois triangle? I’m indifferent towards it. Could be good, could be bad. I don’t feel that would necessarily undermine WW’s character. She can still have a very important role in the film.
    If the love triangle is done right it could be very interesting as well. I recall episodes of Superman: The Animated Series that had a Lois/Superman/Batman triangle, and I liked it. It wasn’t the focal point there, it was just a sub-plot. They didn’t spend time showing Superman crying “Waaah, Lois is going out with Bruce Wayne, I’m so depressed, hurting from inside” etc.

    So, in short, depending on the execution, I might like Superman/WW/Lois angle or I might not. If it just happens to be there, great! If it diminishes WW’s character, bad!

    Am I a fan of WW/Superman pairing? Again, I’m indifferent. I don’t care much. However, I would’ve preferred to see something like that because I haven’t seen WW/Superman relationship before. I know it was a big thing in the comics, but I haven’t read comics in a long while. But I’m perfectly fine with the movie being devoid of that pair.

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  2. I’d like to see some elements of this story
    pinched for the Batman vs Superman flick, particular that cool cover of Batman’s face getting smooshed under Wonder Woman’s boot, that would be a hell of an intro for “Playboy Bruce”, and make it pretty clear WW if her own character, not there just to serve the two male leads.
    I still can’t believe it has taken more than 60 years to make a Wonder Woman live action film, it is crazy when you think about the multiple Superman + Batman movies.

    How do the Punisher and Dr. Strange get movies, but not Wonder Woman?


      • I don’t mean any offense of misogyny, but I want to see a Wonder Woman with balls in the movie, not some prissy Princess.
        Kicking Batman’s ass would be hilarious if they do it right, and sure to wind the respect of Bruce.


      • At least he will put any actors through their paces. He gets criticised for all sorts of stuff, but his association with trainers from GYM JONES means hardcore functional training and no time wasting step machines or other crap.

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  3. Never been a fan of the Supes/WW relationship. Reason why it worked in alternate universes were mostly because they were alternate universes and granted there was some development into them, like with Red Son and Kingdom Come, while others were just done because of some weird sex obsession or making strong women that really wanted a big strong man to set them straight, like with ASBAR and DKSA (both done by Frank Miller). But New 52 gave no real reason for it other than “just cause” and boom it happened (also I heard a rumor that because of the Siegel and Shuster estates doing legal battle with DC, it was decided to not make Supes and Lois married anymore and just pair him up with WW and leave Lois and Steve in the dust). I’ve yet to read the Supes/WW series and I got the first trade to see how it pans out, but I find it questionable that DC also paired them up in order to “target the Twilight audience” [groan].


    • The Supes/WW series is actually pretty okay, although I much rather Lois and Clark, Supes/WW have their fair share of nice moments. You do get a sense of a real emotional connection between Clark and Diana, so they did develop the relationship nicely


  4. I’m replying to this late, but I actually despise the WW/Batman romance. For starters, the two aren’t really compatible. They might respect each other as warriors slash colleagues, but they’d also spend so much time bickering and arguing before it eventually collapses. Not to mention that Bruce has like 20 different girlfriends. Why add Wonder Woman to that list? I also thought she was written rather pathetically in JL/JLU, as they wrote her as constantly pining after Alpha Male Batman in order to prove just how much of a stud Bruce is.

    This aside, I also hope that their relationship is nothing more than flirting, and I’m also really happy and glad there won’t be any love triangles. It would be a disservice to all characters involved if that were to occur. And the more I read about this, the more optimistic I am about this movie.


    • Aw I loved WW in the animated series! But yeah hopefully they don’t pursue this relationship. Now that we know Steve Trevor is going to be in the WW movie, it looks like they will keep him as the romantic interest which is good. Bruce isn’t exactly capable of being in a relationship anyways, so it wouldn’t work


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