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What is the point in a Krypton TV show?

krypton tv show syfyIn a similar vein to Gotham, Superman is getting an origin TV show called Krypton. Wait, wasn’t there already that show that lasted for 10 years called Smallville? And also this show doesn’t even have Clark Kent in it, or his famous parents, but his grandparents?!! Ummm, let’s discuss Syfy’s new TV show, Krypton.

Look, I’m all for having a separate TV and movie universes. It’s a lot easier for the creators of the individual projects, and it means we get a wide variety of stories. But now this is getting a little ridiculous. We’re going to have the Man of Steel universe, with it’s own Krypton and Russel Crowe Jor-El and El family. Then we have the Supergirl universe with its own Krypton and El family. And now we have the Krypton universe with its own Krypton and El family. Whaattt?

I love Superman, but I really don’t have much interest in this show. If they announced this as a mini-series, I might be a little more interested. But as an actual series? I’m not too sure about that. If the story is going to focus around Superman’s grandparents, it means we still have a while to go before the planet reaches its doom, so they must have done that on purpose to create a longer series.

We have had stories that were set on Krypton before it exploded, and yeah they were interesting. But they were just one off stories, not a whole series. This could be good. We could see some cool space action, and planet politics, but right now I think there were a lot of better options for Syfy TV shows other than Krypton.

booster gold syfyA few years ago Syfy were in discussion for a Booster Gold TV series. Now that could have been very awesome. His character will suit the Syfy channel well, with his futuristic tech (and of course skeets) and his time travelling adventures. They could have then introduced all the Legion of Superheroes and could have had the chance to create a really cool universe, that is vastly different to the other DC TV universes currently out.

And to be fair, Krypton will also be very different. It won’t be a superhero show, it will be a full on sci-fi fantasy show. Syfy is known for cancelling shows early, so I am curious to see how this show can go. Really we can’t make judgement on Krypton until we at least see the pilot, and all we can judge it on now is the creative team, and well that logo they released. I like David Goyer, when he is working with someone else, who can help balance his ideas. So hopefully the combination of Goyer and Ian Goldberg will create something that is truly unique and interesting.

The official synopsis states: “This drama follows the Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known”. So clearly we will be getting some Krypton politics.

Anyways right now I can’t say I’m that excited for Krypton, but I will of course give it a chance. But what do you think? Do you think Syfy’s Krypton TV show is a good idea? Let me know!

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  1. I will give it a look. If they stay away from the Superman and El family as the overall focus and delve into a bit of the history of others on the planet it could be interesting. If it is all about the bloodline and the end of the planet then I think it won’t last.

    I never would have believed Gotham could be as good as it is because I’ve never been a huge Batman fan, but I really love the show. The corrupt aspect of the city, the organized crime angle and the occasional bit of Batman lore make it quite interesting.


    • Yeah I think there are interesting ways they could go about it, but just from the synopsis it sounds as if it’s going to be about the El family and the doomed planet.
      And you’re right, Gotham has developed quite nicely, so I am curious about how they go about the show


      • I still miss Smallville. As much as I enjoy the current shows (Arrow, Flash, SHIELD and Gotham) something just feels like its missing. Why couldn’t they have made Metropolis? Where is Tom Welling? we need a quality Superman!


  2. I’ll give it a chance but I have so many shows on the go that if i’m not into it within a few episodes i’d have to let it go which is what happened with Constantine


  3. I have two concerns, and they are sadly big ones. One is the budged. This isn’t supposed to be set on a space station or space ship, it is supposed to be set on a whole planet. I just don’t see them on a TV budget creating something which really looks like Krypton. At best it will look like Earth with some “advanced alien” stuff thrown in.
    The other is that they expect the audience to get invested in a world they knew is doomed from the get go.

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    • Yeah I was wondering how they would create this planet in the show. There’s only so much they can do, unless they really invest in the show and have the confidence to give it a higher budget which is what The CW did with The Flash
      It’s really just not that good of an idea, you can only get so into the characters and the story when you know no matter what they do they’re going to end up dead. Who knows maybe they will find a way to make it work

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  4. I feel like the only reason that this show is being made is that SyFy (I hate that spelling!) wants to do a Superman television series, but they cannot because Warner Bros / DC Comics has the character locked up tight for their movies. So instead SyFy is doing a loosely connected prequel that is set on Superman’s home planet long before he is born, hoping that the association with the character will bring in viewers.

    A significant problem that this show could run into, as you and other commentors have also observed, is that viewers might find it irrelevant. After all, no matter what the characters do, no matter how events transpire, inevitably a few decades in the future the planet Krypton is going to explode, killing everyone except for baby Kal-El (plus whatever other random survivors such as Supergirl and General Zod happen to exist in this particular continuity). I think there’s a real possibility that some people are just going to say, “Why should I care? I know how its all going to end up anyway.”


    • Oh yeah Syfy definitely want to cash in on the Superman brand
      Exactly, like they could be telling us all these stories about the characters growing and the planet growing and evolving and overcoming their problems etc but at the end of the day it’s all very pointless.


  5. I get that DC has been successful with TV shows so far and they feel like taking a few risks, but it really seems to me that they’re pushing live action way too hard right now.This seems to happen all the time in the video game world. One game becomes very popular, and then the publisher behind it tries to pump out a new entry every year (sometimes more than one), and eventually everyone burns out and stops playing them altogether. It happened with Guitar Hero, and if the next Assassin’s Creed is as buggy at launch as Unity, that series will start to go downhill fast.

    But this post is about comics and comic TV shows, so let’s talk about them. I like Superman too, but this show seems completely pointless to me. Aren’t they also making a Supergirl show? Because I have a lot more interest in that one partly because in some ways, I like Supergirl more than Superman. As a younger character than adult Superman there’s a lot more room for growth, not to mention she actually remembers Krypton. I don’t watch much TV but I intend to give that one a chance.

    Right now, DC has a TV show about The Flash, Green Arrow and Gotham City before Bruce became Batman. Now they have this and said Supergirl on the way (let me know if I’m forgetting anything). That’s not to mention how they have a whole slew of movies on the way, kicking right off in 2016 with 2 movies a year in what one could see as a desperate attempt to catch up with Marvel.

    I hope DC succeeds, I really do, but I can’t help but worry that they’ll contribute to an eventual burnout on all Superhero movies for a while the same way the speculator movement eventually burned out the comic industry, or how Activision almost single-handily killed rhythm games. In that sense I much prefer Marvel’s method of sticking with one TV show and slowly building up their cinematic universe. It shows a lot more self-control.


    • Yeah I love the DC tv (you forgot Constantine haha) and also a Teen Titans show is on the way, but this isn’t a good idea at all.

      And Marvel are on the way to doing the same thing, they have Agents of Shield with Agent Carter and Daredevil coming out next year. And then they also have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist coming out soon. Overall everyone is really over stuffing the market


      • To be fair, Agent Carter is only happening between the mid-season break for Agents of Shield, and those other shows you mentioned are on Netflix and not TV.

        Not that I know much about Constantine, but that’s not a typical superhero show, is it?


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