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Constantine Episode 6: Why it shouldn’t be cancelled

Constantine cancelled tv show

Constantine episode 6 once again continued to showcase it’s strengths, and gave many reasons as to why this show shouldn’t be cancelled. Now if you’re unaware of what’s been going on behind the scenes, NBC has decided to stop production on Constantine after 13 episodes. Normally with a network tv show they will get a few episodes ordered, in this case it was 13 for Constantine, and if the show is doing well it will get more episodes ordered so it ends up with a 20-22 episode season. However with the stopped production on Constantine, the fear is that Constantine will be cancelled, but hopefully if Constantine episode 6 gathered higher ratings, that won’t be the case.

So with that let’s discuss Constantine episode 6 and why it shouldn’t be cancelled (spoilers):

So Constantine episode 6 presented us with creepy little children. I really, really don’t like creepy little children. There’s nothing worse than that shot of an empty park with the swing moving eerily in horror movies. Then you know some creepy little shit with creepy little children is going to go down. But this is Constantine so this is exactly what I expect from it.

Episode 6 was really great as it gave us some hints into the past of some of the main characters. Instead of dumping a bunch of information on us about Constantine and Chas’ past, they’re giving us a buildup of their back story, which I quite like. This episode really showed us what type of character Constantine is. You know how in Batman: The Killing Joke the Joker talks about how all it takes is one bad day to break a man. Well Constantine calls bullshit on that. Clearly he’s had more than one bad day, and that isn’t giving him an excuse to completely break.

constantine episode 6 creepy kid

In the confrontation between the creepy little possessed demon kid and Constantine, he clearly has issues with people who let bad experiences turn them into bad people. He has no sympathy, he knows what it feels like to go through stuff, but that doesn’t mean he will be accepting of people who use that pain to do bad stuff, like you know, possess children and make them murder their parents.

And this is one big reason why Constantine shouldn’t be cancelled. He’s just such a great character. His psychology is fascinating. His pain is transparent, yet he doesn’t let it overcome him. But unlike many other comic book heroes, he isn’t going to go gentle on you just because you’ve been through some stuff. Now he isn’t some psycho, he won’t savagely murder you if you’ve done something wrong. But he’s not just going to talk nicely to you about it either (often the technique of Superman).

Another reason why Constantine shouldn’t be cancelled, Chas. Now I haven’t read any Constantine comics, so I don’t know why Chas can’t die, so it’s definitely something I want to find out more about. His character also provides a nice relief for us compared to Constantine’s character. Where as Constantine is intense and a bit dark, Chas is a little lighter and seems to be more sympathetic with other people. Even though Chas seems to be inhuman with his seemingly immortality, he appears to be more in touch with his humanity than Constantine is.

constantine episode 6 cancelled

You had that great shot at the end of Constantine episode 6 where the camera pans over a bunch of happy innocent children until it gets to Constantine on the car smoking a cigarette. You can’t help but laugh, and see how detached from humanity Constantine seems to be. Why wouldn’t you want to see a character like that on your screen, come on NBC don’t cancel it! Constantine’s dry humour along with the absurdity of his world really makes for great television in my opinion, and I think it would be hugeeee mistake for Constantine to be cancelled. There’s so much more of this world to explore, and so many cool characters that have yet to be developed (e.g. Jim Corrigan).

Anyways what did you think of Constantine episode 6? Do you think it should be cancelled? Let me know!

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