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The Flash Episode 7 Discussion: Clash of the morals

the flash episode 7 harrison wells

The Flash episode 7 didn’t get its strengths from its villain of the week or from the action sequences, no, it got its strengths from the way it represented the dichotomy between Barry Allen’s and Harrison Wells’ morals. I don’t think Wells is just plain old ‘evil’, I think he is Barry’s version of Lex Luthor. The right intentions (kinda), but definitely the wrong execution.

So let’s discuss The Flash episode 7

So yeah we had ‘Blackout’ as the villain this week, and a hostage situation (which unsurprisingly included Iris) at the cop precinct, but it was the tension between Barry and Harrison that really made the episode. We know Barry Allen. He’s full of optimism and idealism. He believes that there is an inherent goodness in everyone, even the bad guys. It’s why he wanted to talk to the bad guy, because he believed that there was something good in him. Wells of course thought that was a foolish idea. Wells isn’t the type of guy who thinks having a rational discussion with a bad guy is going to get you anywhere.

So whilst Barry’s solution to the Blackout problem was trying to talk to him, Wells’ solution was a little more extreme. He thought it was a better idea to get one villain to kill another villain instead. The thing is Barry and Wells both wanted the same outcome, to stop Blackout, but they have very different ways of going about it.

And this apparent difference between the two characters was heightened in The Flash episode 7. When Barry finds out what Wells did, he confronts him, in one of my favourite scenes of the episode. The clashing of their morals becomes extremely clear in this scene. Barry doesn’t agree with Wells’ ways. It’s not worth risking somebody else’s life (even if it is a bad guy) to save themselves. Wells on the other hand disagrees. Wells saw a problem, and saw a solution. It doesn’t matter whether the act in itself is wrong, as long as the ends justify the means, Wells is all good. 

The Flash episode 7 didn’t give us a much on what Harrison Wells is really planning, but the episode did hint at a few things which could give us an idea of what Harrison Wells is trying to do.

the flash episode 7

One way you could look at it from what we were given this episode is that Harrison Wells truly has good intentions. He says to Cisco that creating The Flash is one of his greatest accomplishments, and throughout the episode he keeps on checking the future, to make sure The Flash exists. So maybe he’s just a misguided good guy, who genuinely wants to save the future, and to do that he needs The Flash to exist. That could very well be the case, and it isn’t unusual for a character in a comic book property to ultimately have the right intentions, but instead goes about it in very questionable ways.

But then you could look at it from this episode that Harrison Wells is truly evil. Perhaps he needs The Flash to exist in the future, because otherwise he wouldn’t exist. You know the whole hero creating the villain type of thing, many times a villain will inextricably link their identity with a hero, so without the hero, who are they? We saw that Wells took a blood sample from Blackout, because Blackout was able to take away The Flash’s powers. So does he want to know how to take away The Flash’s powers so that he can defeat him, because well he’s eviiiillllll. Or does he want to know so that he can protect Barry from future problems because he wants The Flash to exist.

Right now I still have no idea what the true intentions of this character is. And I love that I don’t know, it’s been really interesting watching the Harrison Wells character unfold. Recently Grant Gustin talked about the Reverse Flash character and suggested that no one will guess who his true identity is. He said that even he was surprised at the reveal. So it sounds as if Wells isn’t the Reverse Flash, but he could just being saying that to throw us off the trail.

Right now, anything is possible. For all we know Reverse Flash is Barry Allen himself! Right now there is a story arc in the new 52 The Flash comic where Barry Allen from the future has gone back in time to our present day, and well he isn’t the Barry Allen we know. He isn’t exactly ‘evil’ but he isn’t his hero self either. He tried to murder his past self in order to fix the future. Yep, that is the extreme he went to, because in the future Barry Allen really screws up things so he believes the only way to save the future and himself is to murder his past (our present) self. So maybeeee something like that is going on here, but even I don’t think Barry Allen could get so screwed up that he would murder his own mother! But I mean what a plot twist that would be!

the flash 35 panel future flash

Yep that’s future Flash trying to kill his past self!


Anyways what did you think of The Flash episode 7? Do you think you have the Harrison Wells character figured out? Let me know!

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