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Gotham Episode 10 Review: Batman errr Begins?

gotham episode 10So remember when they said this show would focus on the city Gotham? Well Gotham episode 10 spent a lot less time developing the story arcs and characters of Gotham and a lot more time giving us a Batman begins. Now I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but for a mid-season finale, I feel like it wasn’t the most appropriate focus to have.

So let’s get into a discussion of Gotham episode 10:

If this was let’s say episode 9 of Gotham I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was a fun episode that gave us some great Bruce Wayne moments. However it wasn’t just any episode of Gotham, it was the mid-season finale. And maybe I’m just used to the huge and intense mid-season finales of shows like Arrow, that I was expecting something similar, but to me this episode didn’t like a mid-season finale.

Other than Bruce doing some pre-Batman training (standing on hand-rails and jumping off buildings as you do) and Gordon’s character progressing to his next story arc in Arkham, the world and other characters of Gotham didn’t really have a big part to play in Gotham episode 10 which is a shame. We saw a bit of Penguin, but nothing really happened with his character, but I guess that just goes to what he was saying in the episode. It’s all about timing and patience, so I’m going to be patient and expect to see a lot more of his character and that arc after the break.

Bullock did his normal ‘just scream a lot’ in this episode, but it did provide a great dynamic between him and Alfred. The Alfred and Bullock team-up was one of my highlights of the episode. You know I love me some badass Alfred, but at the end of the day he is a butler, and just as a butler is supposed to be polite and composed, even through Alfred’s badassery, he still managed to be polite and composed (even with the ever irritating Fish Mooney!). And that provided some really great scenes between him and Bullock.

gotham episode 10 review

The mob aspect of the story also didn’t have much development in Gotham episode 10. I was hoping for something massive to happen regarding this story arc for the mid-season finale, but the focus was primarily on Bruce so they didn’t really have a chance to do something big for this side of the story. Still I did enjoy the scene at the dinner table, I would expect nothing less at a mob dinner than a guy laying shot dead in his food at the table.

Really I didn’t have an issue with this episode, other than the fact I think they chose the wrong episode to make a Bruce centric episode, because it means that the city of Gotham and all its characters didn’t really give us much for the mid-season finale.

But one thing that I have to nitpick at in Gotham episode 10 is the ‘Ivy Pepper’ and Selina connection. I don’t know why this show feels the need to connect all these characters. I get that these characters are all big parts of the Batman mythology and that the showrunners will want to showcase them, but that doesn’t mean every character needs to have some sort of connection to the other characters. It just feels forced and unnatural.

Moving on to Gordon, this guy seems to always get himself in awkward situations. I wasn’t even surprised when they showed us that his gun was planted on the body, because this shit always, always happens to him! Anyways I am looking forward to the progression of the Gordon character after the break. I think it’s great they are putting him in Arkham, it will definitely open up some really cool story arcs (ooh I’m just picturing an episode where instead of Batman being trapped in Arkham, Gordon is and has to handle all of that craziness). And of course it will give us the chance to see some more famous Batman villains, but you know don’t expect anyone like Harley Quinn or the Joker.

Overall I enjoyed Gotham episode 10, but don’t think it was strong enough to be a mid-season finale. I’m all for Bruce-centric episodes, but I think this episode would have better served focusing on other parts of the story such as the mob plot and The Penguin.

But what did you think of Gotham episode 10? Did you like that they focused on Bruce? Let me know!

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