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Constantine Episode 5: Jim Corrigan is The Spectre get excited!

jim corrigan constantine episode 5 the spectreConstantine episode 5 introduced us to a new character: Jim Corrigan. Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre, is probably the coolest cameo we have had on the show so far. Now I’m not really a Constantine reader, but The Spectre I do know, and if done right he can be a really awesome character on the show.

So if you watched Constantine episode 5 you might be a little curious as to who this Jim Corrigan guy is. And why did he have a weird green cloud thing surround him at the end of the episode? Well Jim Corrigan in the comics is The Spectre (well one of the few people who have held the mantle of The Spectre, but is the main one). And who is The Spectre? Basically Jim Corrigan ‘The Spectre’ has one purpose, to seek out the guilty and evil of the world, and enact vengeance.

You know how Batman likes to say he is the vengeance? Well compared to this guy, I’d like to disagree. Jim Corrigan ‘The Spectre’ is truly vengeance personified. He won’t take pity on you and spare your life like Batman, if you’re guilty then The Spectre will be your judge, jury and executioner. Jim Corrigan in Constantine doesn’t look like he is The Spectre yet. He’s just a cop that has been introduced into this occult world. However at the end of the episode, we saw that Zed is already envisioning his transition into The Spectre.

The thing you need to know about Jim Corrigan, is that he only becomes The Spectre once he is dead. So that explains the creepy end scene in Constantine episode 5, with Jim Corrigan. He isn’t dead yet, but he soon will be. So we have to wait until he actually gets killed first, before we see him as The Spectre.

jim corrigan constantine episode 5 the spectreEmmet Scanlan, who plays Jim Corrigan in Constantine in an interview with Comic Book Resources described his character as: He’s the son of a preacher man, victim to an abusive father. He’s a firm believer in justice, and if that fails, vengeance. He is his job. He eats, breathes and sleeps it. “

Jim Corrigan’s ‘The Spectre’ will fit right into this Constantine world. Constantine is a bit of a cynic. He doesn’t view the world as puppies and rainbows, and neither does The Spectre. Because when you’re vengeance personified, it’s hard to see the good in the world. Constantine and The Spectre, will have a great dynamic in the show, because of that shared cynicism. However The Spectre is a lot more intense compared to Constantine. Constantine likes to joke around, and laugh at the absurdity that is this world he operates in. For The Spectre, this isn’t the case. He is an agent purposed to enact wrath on those who deserve it, to rid all of the evil in the world. It’s no joking matter.

DC Comics recently made a DC Showcase animated short on The Spectre (voiced by Gary Cole and Alyssa Milano), which is awesome if you want to get an idea of how Jim Corrigan will be like on Constantine. Constantine episode 5 only teased us to who his character will be, with Zed’s vision giving us an idea of his past. I expect to see more of him soon, but it probably won’t be until midseason that we see more of him.

So did you enjoy Jim Corrigan in Constantine episode 5? Are you a fan of The Spectre? Let me know!

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