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The Flash Episode 6: Oh Iris please don’t become annoying

the flash episode 6 review

The Flash episode 6 presented us with another freak of the week, overall it was a pretty good episode, but I have one tiny issue. Iris. I just don’t like her yet. Now I’m not expecting that I’m going to love every female character as much as I love Felicity from Arrow, but so far I haven’t really been enjoying Iris’s character. So let’s discuss her character and The Flash episode 6. (Warning for episode spoilers)

So The Flash episode 6 presented us with another meta-human, a erhm ‘man of steel’. We find out that this villain has a more personal connection with Barry, he was Barry’s school bully. It was good to get a little background on this freak of the week, and we definitely got more back story about his character than we had with other villains of the week, but overall all we knew was that he bullied Barry in school (and that he has a thing for Iris). But the purpose of his character, was to show that when it comes to this show, they like to stress the fact that brains beat brawns.

What I have been loving about The Flash so far is their use of science. They really get into the details of Barry’s powers and how he can use them from a scientific perspective. They’re not just like, oh Barry just run super fast and defeat the bad guy, Cisco and Caitlin crunch the numbers and tell him exactly what he needs to do. And of course this episode brought up the fact that Barry, Cisco and Caitlin are a bunch of nerds, but that by no means is a bad thing. It’s what makes them so great, and it’s how they beat a guy who solely relies on his muscle.

the flash episode 6 review fight

But now let’s talk about Iris. In essence I should love her character. She’s strong and smart, and incredibly loving, but on the show I find her presence more irritating rather than welcoming. I just can see how the story is going to unfold. Barry tells Iris not to do something, she does it anyways, ends up getting hurt by the bad guy, then Barry needs to save her. Rinse and repeat. I get where her character is coming from. She wants the world to know about The Flash, the great he is doing, so that he can inspire other people. It’s great that she is so passionate and caring, but her character is a little short sighted. Her best friend pleads with her to stop writing her blog because it brings up bad memories for himself, and she quickly shrugs him off. She gets nearly killed by a psycho because of her blog, yet she quickly goes and writes another blog that publicly lists her name. Her character could really be great, but I think they need to make her think a little bit more about her actions and their consequences.

Right now we’re only 6 episodes in, so this could all change, her character can and probably will continue to grow as she experiences new things. I just don’t want to end up getting really irritated by her character, the way I got irritated by Laurel’s character in season 2 of Arrow.

But overall it was a pretty good episode of The Flash, and this episode further made me love the character of Cisco. He really has the best things to say sometimes, but I can understand why some people aren’t loving his character as much. The ending of the episode was really great as well. The mystery continues on about who killed Barry’s mum, and it seems like the killer is back. Now of course we all know that it’s pretty much a guarantee that the killer is the Reverse Flash, but the question is who is the man behind the mask? We saw in some set pictures that the Reverse Flash ends up in a confrontation with The Flash, so I’ll be interested in who they reveal the Reverse Flash is, because now it seems almost too obvious for it to be Harrison Wells. But I could be completely wrong.

Anyways what did you think of The Flash episode 6? Are you liking Iris’s character so far? Let me know!

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  1. Just one word: Laurel (I could also add Lana Lang)

    It’s typical CWness, and I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will get better. It’s the main reason I dropped the show for now. I can’t go through this nonsense again.


    • Oh do not even get me started on Lana Lang! She is by far the worst out of all of them. Shame you dropped the show, because other than Iris it’s pretty good. I am still hoping they improve her character, or at least show less of her


  2. Just watched The Flash and at this particular episode (The Flash is Born) – I was also hit with….”uuugh, why is Iris SOOO ANNOYING?!” I don’t want to stop watching but I feel the same way you do – I hope they give her character more substance…


    • Yeah like I think she has the potential right now to be a really great character, but all she seems to be doing is getting in the way. So hopefully they find a way to use her better, because I do love this show


  3. Apprently this is a common feeling…She reminds me of Laurel from last season of Arrow & hate to say it but Lana in Smallville. I love the CW & about half my shows are from them but they have this tendency to create the most ANNOYING female characters. Hope they make her better. I will keep watching regardless but I just don’t want to listen to her anymore.


    • I know it’s such a CW thing from Smallville, to Gossip Girl, to One Tree Hill to Arrow, they always have such annoying female characters! Yeah I’m still going to watch it, but I rather they just not show her as much

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    • Comes with the territory. The characters end up being annoying because they are not written as characters, but as love interests. They are only tools, there for the hero to angst over and for annoying plot contrivances which usually involve misunderstandings and love triangles. That’s why Chloe was more interesting than Lana and Felicity more interesting than Laurel. They are characters who were initially written for another purpose than being the love interest. (In Felicity’s case it also helps that she is the only character in the show which is not constantly talking as if the weight of the world is crushing down on her, but mostly like a normal person).

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  4. I honestly stopped watching Arrow because of Laurel. Ugh. It looks like Iris is going the same way. I sit there and watch the show, and plead with Iris to have some common sense. Lol 🙂

    Awesome post!


  5. Really? Yet another blog complaining about the love interest of the hero? Its not as if Barry’s going to fall in love with you if Iris didn’t exist you know.


    • What a narrow minded comment, it’s do with the fact that she isn’t a well written character. Many other hero love interests are well written, she isn’t.


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