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Okay Fantastic Four, it’s time to give us something official

fantastic four official news

So who here is overly optimistic about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie coming out in 2015? Because right now it seems like not many are. When you have a franchise which has been filled with nothing but terrible films (and I haven’t watched the 90s one, but damn it looks bad), you need to do some serious damage control. You’ve got yourself a good director, and good writer, and solid acting talent, that’s great. But is that enough to get the audience to trust the film?

Now I know this movie isn’t coming out until August of next year, but for a franchise that is this big, and that hasn’t had the best track record in the past, you think they would give us something official, even if it’s tiny. We have unofficially gotten bits and pieces of information. We don’t know how their costumes are going to look like, but instead we know that Victor Von Doom Domashev is getting his name from blogging sites. This one tiny piece of information spread like wildfire through the internet, and once again the film became a laughing matter. Now the way Doom gets his name and his actual character may actually be very plausaible and smart in the film, but right now that whole blogging concept sounds like a troll. Because there is no context to that piece of information, other than the tiny snippet Kebbell said.

But I am curious as to why Toby Kebbell revealed that nugget of information. Because there is no way he would have said it unless he had the studio’s permission. So why would they let him reveal that piece of information? Well perhaps it is to emphasise the grounded approach this film is taking. Unlike the previous, not so well received, Fantastic Four films, this new movie won’t be so campy and ridiculous, it will be a more serious, dramatic approach. But from the information we got, it seems as though this new Fantastic Four movie is almost embarrassed it’s a comic book movie. And because of this out of context piece of information, it has made people question this movie even more, so you would think Fox would release something official.

fantastic four official news

When everyone was hating on Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, Warner Bros did something. Batman v Superman isn’t coming out until 2016, there’s absolutely no need for them to have released anything official for this film. But they did release official images of Ben Affleck’s Batman, and it was a great thing. Because of that image, a lot of people have quietened down about Ben Affleck sucking, and Batman v Superman sucking. Sure there are still heaps of people saying Ben Afflek is going to suck, but because of the epicness that was the picture of Ben Affleck’s Batman and his Batmobile, it has shut up quite a few of the haters.

And this is what I think Fantastic Four should do. They don’t need to release a trailer, or anything huge, but a couple of official pictures can at least give the public an idea of what this film is going to be. Many people think Doom is going to be a joke of a villain in the film, so why not release an epic official picture of him? It will at least help swing the conversation of Fantastic Four from mainly negative speak, to something a little more positive.

Basically I still have hope for you Fantastic Four, but I need you to show me something! So what do you think? Do you think Fantastic Four needs to show us something official soon? Let me know!

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  1. A trailer soon would be awesome, but I have to say I’m so excited for this movie – The cast is killer and I think it’s gonna change the comic-book genre alot like The Dark Knight did (or is that just wishful thinking lol)


    • Oh for some reason your comment went to my spam :/ but i like your optimism! Haha i hope that it is good, and you’re right the cast is awesome and I’m hopeful for Josh Trank but I can’t say I’m as hopeful as you right now, well not until we see a trailer at least

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  2. I entirely agree. Though, personally, it’s not the thing with Dr. Doom which makes me so vary. It’s the casting. It gives me a bad deja vu.
    I always though that the Fantastic Four are more middle aged – especially Richard Reed should be able to pull off the white in his hair. So last time they did the Fantastic Four, I shuddered the moment I saw the casting list. Unlike some other people, I always liked to watch Jessica Alba, but I knew from the get go that she was not the right one for this role. Nor looked the guy they picked for Richard Reed old enough.
    And now we have more or less the same situation. And that makes me honestly worry more than the question how they adapt Dr. Doom. though, for the record…did they forget how unhappy the fans were last time because they gave Dr. Doom powers and rewrote his whole backstory? I really don’t blame anyone for groaning when it got leaked that they did again go for something totally out there for the next adaptation.
    At this rate, it won’t matter if the movie is good or not. The fans have no confidence in Fox getting it right this time around, and the longer they don’t get anything which gives them confidence, this won’t change. But so far everything which got known about the movie had the opposite effect.


    • Yeah I think all the actors are great, but I’m not really keen for Fantastic Four babies
      It’s just strange that they haven’t released anything when they know everyone is being so negative about their movie, because you’re right there is no confidence, so from now until the release they better do some great marketing to get people interested in this film


      • Well, it is a little bit early for a trailer (plus, bad timing, everyone is still way too focussed on Marvel and DC), but they could release some promo pictures or designs.


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