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The Flash Episode 5: A criticism on the cliches

The Flash episode 5

The Flash episode 5 was overall pretty good, but it definitely suffered from a lot of issues many CW TV shows have. I just had a lot of eye-roll moments in episode 5, and I hope that The Flash doesn’t fall into the trap many other CW shows fall in. But here’s a couple nitpicks The Flash can do without.

I have two little pet peeves when it comes to movies and TV shows. The first is when a bomb gets stopped with literally 1 second to go. It’s just seems really cheap. I know, such a minor thing but it still annoys me. The other one is when someone is dying and they have something really important to say, but when they are just about to say it, they die. Gahhh, no, don’t do that!

Anyways Flash episode 5 had one of those dying confessions, that didn’t end up coming out. Such a big eye roll moment for me. Flash you don’t need to do stuff like that, you’re already such a great show! There’s no need to employ cheap tricks for dramatic tension. I understand the need for dramatic tension, but there are better ways to do that.

And what was up with the incredibly static conversation between Plastique and the army doctor. It was very

Plastique: “you are a bad man”

Bad guy: “no, I had to do what I had to do”

*dramatic music*

Plastique: “now I have to do what I have to do”

*dum dum dum*

That scene’s dialogue was so cliche and weak, and the bad acting didn’t help either. But to be fair they didn’t have much to work with.

Now of course these are all minor quirks, but it’s these type of issues that other previous CW shows such as One Tree Hill and Smallville suffered from.

Oh and one last thing, there are very close to making Iris West’s character irritating. There’s of course the cliche of the superhero love interest not figuring out the superhero’s secret identity. Even when it’s so glaringly obvious. Now granted, it’s completely understandable Iris doesn’t know now, but I can see them stretching this story line out for like 3 seasons, and really making Iris seem very unaware, and well just plain stupid. And that stupidity can get pretty irritating if it stretches out for too long. I can imagine Iris doing something silly and ending up getting in The Flash’s way when he’s well, trying to save the world! So let’s not do that Flash writers okay?

Also can I just say that if you’re best friend is pleading to you, to stop you’re crusade on writing about ‘The Streak’ because he says he wants to try to move on from his mother’s murder, don’t you think that maybe you should at least consider it. Sure you want the world to be inspired by this new hero, but she just completely brushed off her best friend for some stranger. All I beg is that they don’t make Iris West’s character like Lana Lang’s character on Smallville. Because I already had to deal with 8 seasons of that shit.

But of course this all being said I still loved The Flash episode 5, it just had a lot of eye roll moments that could have easily been removed. And to be honest, all is forgiven because of that amazing final scene. Gorilla Grodd people! Who knew they would actually bring Gorilla Grodd to live action. The extent of his character is unknown so far, will he have his psychic abilities? Will he be able to intellectually speak? Right now we don’t know, but the idea of Gorilla Grodd speaking to The Flash and using his psychic powers on him is getting me really excited!

Anyways do you have any nitpicks with The Flash episode 5, or am I just being annoying? And are you looking forward to some Grodd action!? Let me know!

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  1. I enjoyed the episode enough, but I felt that the acting, writing, and especially the editing were off a bit. This was the hokiest episode yet, and the special effects were sort of weak. Still, the rest of this season has been solid, and hopefully this episode was just a blip in an otherwise excellent season. I’m also a little worried about Grodd. If they use CGI on him, I hope that the bulk of the budget went to his look.


    • Yeah a lot of things were really off in this episode. Agreed i’m really interested in seeing how they do Grodd, it’s going to come off as really bad if they use bad effects on him, and he’s already a talking gorilla, so they need to make him at least look good so it doesn’t come off as a complete joke


  2. The CW-ness of the show is the reason I dropped it after last weeks episode on the “perhaps watch during hiatus” pile. All this nonsense (along with the melodrama) already ruined Arrow for me. They literally killed my interest in the show.
    I just can’t with the conceding way Iris gets treated by both Barry and her father. Honestly, not telling her makes no sense, because if I were a villain and would want to get to Barry, who would be the most obvious target? The quasi sister he grew up with, that’s who.


    • Yeah I hate the whole not telling her, that’s never ever the right move
      But there so much good about the show, that I can forgive some of the CW-ness, but this episode had too many CW moments. And Arrow is doing a lot better with removing some of the soap-opera elements of the show which is good


  3. This feels a lot like the first season of arrow with Laurel wanting to know the Arrow And Iris wanting to know the flash Arrow wanting to be with her. Flash wanting to be with Iris. Laurel willing to put herself in danger Iris willing to put herself in danger I understand its made by the same people but I should see some differences They both have flashbacks Arrow not wanting to ttell her. Flash not wanting to tell Iris


  4. Good write-up. Completely agree with you on Iris. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions so early but she’s looked like Lana 2.0 ever since the Pilot. Hopefully The Flash is finding its feet, just like Arrow did.

    For the record I liked both Smallville and One Tree Hill when they were airing, but TVs improved so much since then – it comes with higher expectations I guess.


      • Late to this but I feel like a lot of the hate people have on Lana should go on the writers and the Iris comparison should further show people who disliked her that a lot of it goes down to writers not knowing what to do with a character who they set out to be nothing more than a love interest.
        I actually liked Lana as a person and character and felt a lot of actions where justifiable and she wasnt trying to be the damsel fans perciveved her to be but no many times she was regressed back into dealing with Clark.

        I guess say all this to say its frustrating that is the character’s legacy and its stuck with it and the actress who excelled when not given drab material.


      • Yeah I mean it’s not the actresses fault, writers have always had a problem writing female love interests in superhero properties.
        Kristen is a great actress, but unfortunately her character was written in a needy and a lot of the time not very intelligent way, so there was only so much she could do with that


  5. i have a prblm wit how he got his Powers…if i’m correct i think almost everybdy in dat city got hit by dat scientific experimental wave misharp shit,so how is it dat he got d flash power and odas got somethin different?…might i add dat d misharp was man-made.


    • Well it’s kinda like in Smallville, the machine affects people differently according to their immediate context. So Barry got super speed because he was also around those chemicals. It just depends on the individual’s situation.


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