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5 reasons why Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is great

margot robbie as harley quinn


Margot Robbie has been cast as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie, and let me tell you I could not be more excited! I have loved Robbie since her days in the Australian soapie Neighbours and to see her get to play one of my favourite characters is amazing. But if you’re not as convinced as I am, here are 5 reasons why Margot Robbie will be a great Harley Quinn.

1. First of all, she has a presence. You know you’re good when you can steal a scene from Leonardo DiCaprio and that’s exactly what she did in Wolf of Wall Street. She was strong, quick and could definitely handle her own. Harley Quinn has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the entire DC universe. Her solo comic has been consistently in the top 10 selling comics of the month, and even when you’re walking down the street you see people wearing Harley Quinn t-shirts (conveniently enough I was wearing mine when the news broke). They needed to cast someone could could really encapsulate the presence Harley Quinn has.

margot robbie is harley quinn

2. Second of all, building on the first point, she’s actually a good great actress. There was talks of Cara Delvingne playing Harley, and honestly I could not see that. Harley Quinn isn’t the easiest character to play. She is absolutely crazy, yet absolutely sane and smart at the same time. Harley Quinn is constantly fighting her sane, rational self, and you need a great actress to portray that inner conflict. Harley even talks about how there is a part of her that craves purpose, but because of the Joker another part of her agreed that chaos was just an agreed upon reality. Therefore there is no purpose to anything, it’s all chaos. She hates the idea of self-imposed rules, so she doesn’t give herself any. But as she continues to live her life without the Joker now, her conflict with her rational self continues to grow. I believe an actress like Margot Robbie can emulate that inner conflict, and she’s already proven herself to be quite the talent.

3. Third of all, she’s got the look. Now tell me you can’t imagine her as Harley Quinn. The face, the hair, she totally looks like Harley!

margot robbie harley quinn

4. Fourth of all Margot Robbie can be sexy and adorable, just like Harley Quinn. There’s no denying that Margot Robbie is absolutely stunning! And she obviously showed she got the sex appeal in Wolf of Wall street. And we all know sex appeal is a big part of Harley Quinn (If you’re into the whole crazy clown thing). But not only is Harley Quinn sexy, she’s also adorable! She has this great mix of sexy, crazy and adorable, and I reckon Margot could pull that off. Harley Quinn likes to talk to her soft toys and walk around with her ‘Beatrice’, and it’s that adorable factor that Margot needs to convey as well. If you didn’t know Margot Robbie is Australian, and me being from Australia, we all like to watch this show called Neighbours. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s just a soap opera where a lot of famous Australian actors started from. Anyways in the show Margot Robbie played my all time favourite Neighbours character, Donna. Why did I love Donna? She was adorable, funny and just downright lovable! For years she won the hearts of Australians with her portrayal of Donna. So because of that, I think she will really be able to capture the essence of the Harley Quinn character.

harley quinn margot robbie

5. And lastly, fifth of all Margot Robbie is great with drawing chemistry with her fellow actors. Building from the previous points, Margot knows how to capture her character in a way that works perfect with the other characters. Just looking at Wolf of Wall Street, her chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing. In the film About Time, again her chemistry with the other cast members was incredible. Now she’s playing Jane in Tarzan, and you better believe she will be showing off those skills again. Not all actors are able to get such a natural chemistry with the other actors they work with, Margot can and does. And this is an important skill to have. Suicide Squad is a team-up movie. The reason the Suicide Squad works so well is because of the chemistry and dynamics of the team. Especially with a character like Harley Quinn who develops such strong bonds with characters such as the Joker and Poison Ivy. You need to believe that she’s kind of crazy, but that she also has a deep love for people. You need to feel that chemistry, and with an actress like Margot Robbie, I feel like we’re going to get that.

Anyways what do you think of Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie? Let me know!

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  1. I didn’t even know who she was until I googled her. But if I were to just look at her as she is now, she already passes as Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn. That’s when you know a good cast member when you can just look at them and say “why wouldn’t you have this part? These are the rare circumstances where people seem to know what fans expect. I’m looking forward to seeing this on the big screen.


  2. It hasnt been officially confirmed that she is confirmed that she is Harley quinn like Margot or someone from dc hasn’t comeout and said this is true But I think this will be true especially since they might have found a new Joker as well in Jared Leto


      • I wrote about it, and I think they’re hinting at the omac story line, but that story seems almost too much for Arrow, so I’m not sure yet


      • I wrote about it too Ray palmer was looking at designs for O.M.A.C and the Virus Felecity created was called Brother Eye I know Batman Created Omac in the comics and it turned into omac so maybe that Brother Eye Virus evolves into that Omac Ray Palmer is creating maybe thats part of the reason they are pursing a relationship between ray and Felecity two creators coming together


      • That’s a great theory! I could totally see them working together and accidentally creating it, like how Felicity created the virus from last ep


  3. Love your writing article! Do you think that Harley gas self esteem issues andif so how? I think that she may sometimes fake her crazy what bout you? !


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