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Arrow Season 3 Episode 5: And the plot thickens

arrow season 3 episode 5 goth felicity

Another Arrow episode, another shocking ending. That’s pretty much Arrow’s thing, to have some big shock ending at the end of every episode. But of course Arrow season 3 episode 5 was more about Felicity and why she’s everyone’s favourite gal pal sidekick. But the question is, why didn’t they show her dad? I have a feeling he is going to play a big part in the show in the upcoming seasons. Also we got a little DC easter egg in the episode, which could be teasing a major storyline.

Finally we got to see the secret origin of Felicity Smoak..kinda. We got a part of her origin. We now know that she had a goth phase in college and has a super evil ex-boyfriend, who went under the name of ‘Brother Eye’. And for fans of DC comics, that’s a very familiar name. Basically Brother Eye was a satellite built by our favourite paranoid guy, Bruce Wayne to collect information on all the superhumans on Earth. From this Batman devised plans to defeat all of them. However eventually Brother Eye became sentient and Batman lost control of the satellite to Maxwell Lord. Anyways Lord uses the satellite with The Omac Project. OMAC were able to single out metahumans and were able to infect them with a virus that would allow the OMAC program to control them, with the Brother Eye satellite controlling OMAC.

In Arrow we already saw Ray Palmer looking at blueprints for the OMAC Project, and now that we got the Brother Eye easter egg, I’m wondering if they are trying to develop a similar plot line like what happened in the comics. In the comics it’s Ted Kord that figures out Lord’s plan. Now we know that originally the Arrow writers really wanted to use the Ted Kord character hmm, but they weren’t allowed to because Warner Bros had plans for his character in the movie universe. So instead they decided to use Ray Palmer’s character. I just think this is too big of a coincidence for them to not being trying to develop a similar story line. 


See that: it’s called OMAC

ANYWAYS back to Felicity, episode 5 centred around her flashbacks, and just like Oliver went through his trials and errors to become a hero, so did Felicity. I was worried they would make Felicity an almost ‘damsel in distress’ character, because she does seem to get nearly killed very often, needing Oliver to save her. But in episode 5 she saved herself (and her mum) using her brains and her ‘brawns’! Because Felicity is way more than just another damsel in distress character. It’s great that Arrow is taking the time to further develop Felicity’s character, but there is still so much to know.

Because interestingly enough we still don’t know who Felicity’s dad is. They mention him in the episode, and we know that he left his family and that he was very smart. I just can’t imagine the Arrow writers leaving him out of the episode for no reason, so I definitely think he will have a bigger part to play in future seasons. It’s becoming clear that he’s most likely going to be some evil dude. I don’t believe we will see him this season, but he could have a role to play in season 4.

And of course that ending! We see Roy having a dream of him murdering Sara. This is Arrow, there’s no way they would end this Sara murder mystery this quickly. During Sara’s death we heard the sound of a bow and arrow drawing. In Roy’s dream he threw arrows at Sara, there was no bow involved. So just because of that simple detail I don’t think that Roy murdered Sara, his dreams must be some symptom of the Mirakuru he had in him.

arsenal arrow

Of course I could be completely wrong, and if he did murder Sara then for sure he will be ousted from Team Arrow. This could lead to the growth of the Arsenal character Roy Harper currently is, in the comics. In the comics Roy is completed separated from Oliver, and isn’t quite the hero Oliver wants him to be. He does have the moral bounds Oliver does, and he’s even in a team with everyone’s favourite psycho Robin, Jason Todd aka Red Hood. Although for now, I don’t see the show taking his character in that direction.

Overall I think that Arrow season 3 episode 5 is one of my favourites of the season so far. It had the great action and the great story. And I gotta be honest, I love seeing Starling City turn to shit. It happens to often but every time it happens, it’s just a beautiful chaos and I love it! Although I did have one issue with the episode. Roy and Oliver get to go crime fighting with cool as costumes, and what does Diggle get? He gets a bloody beanie over his face! Is he not worth more than that? Does he not also deserve a cool as costume. So Diggle needs a cool costume to fit his cool crime fighting skills like right now.

Anyways what did you think of Arrow season 3 episode 5? Do you think Roy killed Sara? Do you think Diggle needs a cool costume? Let me know!




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  1. you said the omac program infect people with a virus that would allow the OMAC program to control them.. i think roy is infected with omac program? and the brother eye control him to kill sara???


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