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Batman v Superman: Are we ruining it for ourselves?

batman v superman wonder woman

Rumours, set leaks, official images, footage from filming, leaked teasers, more rumours, casting announcements, interviews and more rumours. That’s Batman v Superman for you. This movie is one of the most talked about movies ever, and it’s still a year and a half from release. Everyday I see some casting rumour or images from the set. I vow to myself to not look at anymore of these leaks or read anymore of these rumours but I can’t help it! With all this information coming out, what’s it going to be like when the official marketing starts rolling out? Will we ruin Batman v Superman for ourselves by knowing too much and coming in to the movie with too many pre-conceived notions?

Let’s talk about Amazing Spiderman 2 for a second, so I can better get my concerns across. The marketing for Amazing Spider-man 2 was a little ridiculous. We had about 30 different trailers for the movie, both domestic and international trailers. They released clips of the films and new images just about every second day a few weeks before release. They had an intense marketing campaign running for about 4 months before the film’s release. Now we know Amazing Spider-Man 2 was no masterpiece, but I can’t help but feel like maybe I would have enjoyed it slightly more had I not felt like I had already seen the entire film before! After watching the trailers and looking at the official images I felt as though my judgement about the film had already been made even before I watched it.

amazing spider man 2012

And it wasn’t one of those things where people complain that a trailer showed too much, when really it didn’t. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers did show too much. They showed half of Gwen’s death scene in the trailer, the after credit scene (the Rhino one) was in the trailer, there were even significant moments in the trailer that weren’t even in the movie, that’s how much they showed! I feel like if I had just watched one trailer, and that was it, I might have enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man 2 more.

So now let’s bring it back to Batman v Superman. The film is being released March 25 2016 in the US (not sure when it’s being released in Australia, it better be the same day!). That’s like 17 months away, so we have a lot of time until we see it. It’s been a year since they announced they were making the film and in that time we have gotten a lot of official news. We know Ben Affleck is playing Batman, Wonder Woman is going to be in it blah blah blah. But we have also gotten a lot of unofficial news from it. If you hang around the same parts of the internet that I do then you probably would have heard about the fake script scandal.

Basically for months the website Latino Review had been dropping supposed ‘scoops’ about the story of Batman v Superman. Like every couple of weeks they would drop something and from everything that they had been saying, Batman v Superman was sounding like it could be really crap. Anyways jump to around April and we find out that apparently some guy on the internet wrote a fake script, sent it around to a couple of websites, Latino Review picked it up and used the fake script, thinking it was real, as a source for all their scoops. It was a relief because first I thought wow, I know way too much about this movie from all the scoops they were dropping, and secondly, it’s good because I read that fake script, and it’s not the best, it’s a fanboys dream cast of characters and it just was weird and didn’t work. Anyways that fake script created a lot of conversation about Batman v Superman online.

And the problem with the fake script was that people were already judging the movie based on the false facts that were being released. I saw hundreds of “omg this movie is going to suck now” comments from people based on these false facts. Every time there is a new rumour people start judging Batman v Superman, even if we don’t know if it’s real or not. And for a lot of people once they go into seeing a movie thinking they will hate it, they will most likely hate it, even if deep deep deep down inside they don’t hate it. They already made their judgement, and an already formed judgement is a very hard thing to change.

So after we find out the script was fake we knew next to nothing about the movie again, but then once filming officially started we got set pictures and videos. We see Scoot Mcnairy wearing green socks and it becomes a huge discussion online. Just before writing this we got images of Ben Affleck at a cemetery at Smallville, again starting speculation. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the speculation. I want to know why Scoot was wearing those damn green socks, I want to know why Ben Affleck is filming in the cemetery where Jonathon Kent is buried, I want to know it all! But if I do know it all I’m just going to ruin the experience of when I finally get to see Batman v Superman for the first time in 2016.

batman v superman teaser

And now there’s talk about Warner Bros releasing the first official teaser for Batman v Superman along with the release of The Hobbit. Do I want to see it? Heck yeah! But isn’t it too soon? We’re still only in 2014. When is it too soon to start marketing these huge films?

Anyways all of this is really a non-issue, because all I have to do is not read the rumours and not look at pictures and videos. But I can’t help it! I’m going to try my best to stop reading apparent plot leaks or anything spoilery like that. I want to go into Batman v Superman without knowing all the major details and how the story is going to play out. I want to judge the movie once I actually see it. But at the same time I do want them to officially release some stuff, purely because these rumours have escalated to point that people are already hating on the movie. Granted there were always going to be people that were going to hate on Batman v Superman for the sake of it, but still, it would be good to put to rest people’s fears of Batman v Superman being crap by releasing a little tiny teaser with The Hobbit release.

So what do you think? Do you think all these leaks and early marketing will ruin Batman v Superman for you? Or are you choosing to just ignore it? Let me know!


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  1. I totally agree about Amazing Spiderman 2 showing off WAY too much information. We saw Green Goblin and Rhino in a mech suit when the whole focus was Electro to begin with. A lot of people I discussed the movie to were already appalled by Rhino being a mech thing (which, again, didn’t make sense because in the Amazing Spiderman game there is DLC that actually shows off Rhino as a mutated person, not a mech suit.)

    By the time I saw it in theaters, there wasn’t much to expect . I knew Gwen dies because…well…comics told me that decades ago. But the fact people were already spoiling the crap out of it and people told me from word of mouth. Next thing you know I already knew this was the movie she dies. Also the fact the guy you see in the beginning of the movie we know later on becomes “rhino”. Sad thing is, since everything spoiled it, I was just asking myself “okay, how do you end up in the suit?” and kept waiting for the scenes.

    So I already know Harry because Green Goblin in the movie, mech Rhino is a thing and Gwen dies. Why the hell would I see this if I wasn’t such a Spidey fan?!

    For the fights, that’s about it. I didn’t hate the movie. I just felt like there wasn’t a reason to go see it as quickly as I did (which i still did because I’m a Spidey fan)

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    • Yeah exactly, there was no element of surprise anymore. I went to see the movie 3 weeks after it came out (which I never do for any superhero movies, usually see them opening weekend) but I just felt like I didn’t need to see because I felt like I had already seen the movie. And I wasn’t wrong because when I went to see it there was nothing that I wasn’t already expecting. So yeah I agree with you didn’t hate it, just felt as though it wasn’t imperative I went to see it right away.

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      • How is it that movies like Hercules with the rock was
        SO tight lipped as if people were at the edge of their seats about leaked information that this was literally just pouring out every 5 seconds? There’s already Star Wars and Avengers Age of Ultron stuff already being leaked. What is going on?


      • Yeah so many things get leaked these days it’s getting annoying. Although I have to give props to Fantastic Four, because almost nothing has been leaked about that movie, and it is a superhero movie, so it’s good to actually know like nothing about Fantastic Four


      • Lol, don’t google then. They already leaked a few things as well as showing off certain characters.


      • Yeah, it’s pretty much spoiled what BvS is going to be about especially about certain people being certain roles. It’s a no brainer to the average comic book enthusiast what story they’re trying to replicate.


      • Yeah of course, but at the same time they can only go so far with replicating the dark knight returns because the comic book and the movie universe have two completely different superman’s so hopefully they change it up a bit and the story will actually have some surprising elements


      • I doubt it, they made it pretty clear in MOS that this Superman was very against working for the government or having the government track him, it would be completely stupid to backtrack that and make him the government’s toy in BvS


      • Superman also snapped Zodd’s head in MOS so the way I see it, anything can happen. Maybe the government black mails him or something. No idea.


      • Ooh I’m guessing you weren’t a fan of MOS? haha I see where you’re coming from, I’m just hoping that they don’t go in that direction I guess


      • I’m normally not a Superman fan to begin with. I however do admit Superman in Red Son was very good. There are rare times I appreciate him around.


  2. I dont think we know too much about Batman V Superman in fact we reallly dont know anything other than batman and superman are going to fight Wonder woman is in it Lex luthor Cyborg and Aquaman thats all we really know about it really


  3. Honestly, I would like a little bit more information. Less about the plot, but about how the movie is exactly supposed to figure into this confusing universe which apparently has nothing to do with the Dark Knight trilogy????


    • Yeah it’s a completely new Batman, everything is starting off from the Man of Steel universe, with a new Batman that has already been Batman for a while in the MOS universe


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