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Keanu Reeves as Deadshot in Suicide Squad Movie, make it happen.

keanu reeves as deadshot

Keanu Reeves as Deadshot in the Suicide Squad movie needs to happen now. Now it may sound ridiculous, but hear me out. After watching John Wick (which was awesome by the way) I have come to the grand conclusion that even though Reeves is 50 and people have instead been suggesting him for Doctor Strange, I think he should stick to the ‘I’m a reluctant assassin’ role instead, because well, he is awesome at it.

So if you haven’t watched John Wick (which you need to by the way) Keanu Reeves plays a retired assassin who is forced back onto the job because a bunch of jerks kill his dog. He’s a pretty silent killer, doesn’t speak much in the movie but in the words he does speak you get a slight shiver because you know this guy is slightly whack. The plot is pretty simple, somebody screws with John, he wants to seek his revenge, and anybody who gets in his way will probably end up in a body bag. He’s a reluctant assassin who is the best at his job, but isn’t as heartless as the other people in his field.

John Wick Movie

He is motivated by the death of his wife and the murder of his dog, and doesn’t waste any time getting the job done. He’s clean, smooth and a total badass. Keanu Reeves evokes the right kind of emotion into the role. John Wick may be an assassin with a heart, but you won’t find him crying in the middle of a fight, instead he will give you a calm look and then shoot you in the head. When he is in a job, that’s where his mind is.

So what the heck does this have to do with Deadshot you ask? First the obvious, Deadshot is an assassin, John Wick is an assassin. Easy. But the difference is, like John Wick, Deadshot is also an assassin with a cause. Yes Deadshot is also heavily motivated by money, but that’s not the only thing he is motivated by.

If you don’t know much about Deadshot, here’s a breakdown of his new 52 origin (which by the way was changed quite a bit from his pre-new 52 origin):


Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot grew up poor with his sister and his parents in the dodgy side of Gotham. One night in the apartment next door a couple of assassins came and shot (with hundreds of bullets may I add) the people next door, the bullets came into the Lawton’s apartment as well and accidentally killed his parents and sister. Floyd was luckily spared, although he wished he wasn’t.

Floyd runs out of his apartment to get a look at the people who killed his family, and of course he remembered their faces. He then diligently trained himself with a gun so that one day he could kill the guys who killed his family.

Because his family was killed by stray, wasted bullets, he vowed to never waste his shots, and to only kill with a purpose. Whether that purpose is money or a personal vendetta, unlike his family who were killed with no meaning at all, his kills will serve a purpose.

And because of this he became arguably the best assassin of the DC universe. In the new 52 he is a quick talker but when it comes to the job, he won’t let anything or anyone stand in his way. Or so he likes to say, but truth be told Deadshot, like John Wick, has a heart, and is ultimately motivated by love (sorry to get all cutesy on you). I mean Deadshot even killed himself (although of course he didn’t stay dead for long) to save Harley Quinn once, he didn’t have to do that, he did it because he cared for her. You screw with his people and he will screw with you.

deadshot new 52

Then there’s the situation of the Suicide Squad. The story usually ends up the same, Deadshot gets caught (usually by Batman), and he gets chucked into Belle Reeve, and ends up joining the Suicide Squad. He reluctantly assumes the role of leader, but he’s still an awesome leader.

So this is why I can see Mr Reeves playing Deadshot. He clearly can play the focused assassin with personal motivations that Deadshot is. Reeves as John Wick made Wick seem like he just couldn’t be bothered with all this shit. All he wanted to do was grieve his wife and instead he gets dragged into this whole situation again. Deadshot just wants to kill people and get paid, but bloody Batman got in his way and now he’s dragged into this Suicide Squad situation.

And even though Keanu Reeves is a lot older, if he is to be in a comic book film, I would personally prefer him playing a character like Deadshot, rather than a straight up hero like Doctor Strange. If you have watched John Wick then maybe you might get what I’m trying to say, maybe, or maybe I’m just being crazy, I don’t know!

Anyways what do you think about Keanu Reeves as Deadshot? Think it’s ridiculous? Let me know!

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  1. I LOVED John Wick! I watched it at Fantastic Fest and met Keanu who is my favorite actor of all time! I just want to see Keanu work more honestly and if a comic book movie will boost him up again, I am all for it! You should watch “Man of Tai Chi” to see a more villainous Keanu.


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