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Is Constantine Worth Watching?

Constantine episode two zed

Is Constantine worth watching? Well after tonight’s episode I might actually have to say yes. The Pilot episode was filled with a lot of problems, however episode two of Constantine was a lot more character focused, rather than chucking a bunch of information at us like the Pilot did.

After watching the Pilot I had my reservations about Constantine. Though I was still interested in the second episode and I’m glad that I was. Episode 2 gave us the real introduction to the mysterious woman we saw at the end of the Pilot, her being none other than Zed herself. Zed of course is a psychic and has been sketching (ridiculously good sketches may I add) Constantine, and of course she is a little curious as to who the heck this guy is.

Initially the main female lead was supposed to be the character of Liv that we saw in the Pilot episode. However the show runners felt her character was too reactionary, and wanted perhaps a stronger female character. In comes Zed, the new female lead of the show. I am glad they decided to change the leads, because I could just imagine how the Constantine episodes would go with Liv as the female lead:

Constantine: “I’m going to go fight some demons yo”                                                           Liv: “Omg what’s that”                                                                                                             Constantine: *lengthy exposition explaining stuff*                                                               Liv: “ermahgerd we can’t do that, no no no that’s scary”

Blah blah blah, you get my drift. Zed on the other hand is up for the challenge, and she may not know everything there is to know, but she clearly isn’t naive either, which Liv was very much so.

Anyways tonight’s episode introduced to us the dynamics of Zed and Constantine. Zed has clearly been through a lot (as shown by their conversation on the bed at the end) but Constantine has been through more, and she’s slowly starting to realise that. But that doesn’t scare her off quite just yet. She’s interested in her surroundings and is smart enough to realise that ignoring the weird and scary stuff that’s going around her isn’t a good option.

constantine episode two zed

Moving on from Zed, we got a greater sense of who John Constantine really is in tonight’s episode. If you have watched Supernatural, then you know the structure of the two shows are very similar. There’s a weird death in some random town, the Winchester brothers/Constantine’s team go to investigate. They find a local town person who clearly knows more than they are putting on and then they solve the case. Except there is a difference between the two. Killing of ‘humans’. The Winchester brothers will kill you if you’re a monster, but if you’re a human then they’ll be a lot more reluctant to do so. Constantine on the other hand kinda called up a woman’s abusive husband from the dead to drag her to hell (or where ever they went). Yes she was the one that was taking her revenge on the mine bosses but still, it shows the moral ambiguity of his character.

He isn’t just another DC Comics hero. No. He feels obliged to look into these cases, and at the end of the day he will probably choose to save himself rather than save another human (unless that human is a child I guess). To be honest I don’t really know what his agenda is or where he draws the line. And that’s what’s compelling about the character, he isn’t just so easy to figure out. And Constantine episode two did a good job of fleshing that aspect of his character out.

Yes some of the dialogue is pretty weak, but overall I really enjoyed episode two. I think that introducing Zed into the show will further gives us an interesting perspective of who John Constantine is, and for all those reasons I do believe that right now Constantine is worth watching.

So do watch Constantine? If so what do you think about it so far? Let me know!

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