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Comic Book Film Showdown: Which movies will be the best of their year?

marvel vs dc superhero showdown

So after Marvel’s announcement of their line-up yesterday (read about it here) we have a pretty good idea of what comic book films are coming out over the next 6 years. So purely based on everything we know about these films so far, I wanted to share what movie I think has the potential to stand out the most, compared to the other films coming out that year. Now this is only my opinion, and of course my opinion will most likely change as we hear more information and see more footage (and of course when we actually see the movies). So without further ado let the comic book movie showdown begin!


Avengers: Age of Ultron vs Ant-Man vs Fantastic Four

So this is a pretty obvious choice: Avengers Age of Ultron for sure! Not saying that Ant-Man and Fantastic Four won’t be good, but this is The Avengers we’re talking about. And after seeing that trailer (read about that trailer analysis here) it’s hard to doubt that it won’t be a great film. And also the thing is, we don’t really know anything about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. I have to applaud them for not getting a million leaks about their movie out. I just hope they’re not telling us stuff because they think they’re movie sucks. That’s probably not the case (hopefully) but until we actually see something from the film then I can’t really get too excited for it.

Winner: avengers age of ultron trailer


Deadpool vs Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice vs Captain America: Civil War vs X-men: Apocalypse vs Suicide Squad vs Dr Strange vs Sinister Six

So that’s a lot of titles (and subtitles). Now this is a hard one, yet a really easy one as well. This year is going to be the most intense year when it comes to comic book films. You have event films such as Batman v Superman, Civil War and Apocalypse. Then you got a film with one of the most culturally loved characters, Deadpool. Then you have villain team-up movies with Suicide Squad and Sinister Six. And finally you have a film that separates itself from the rest with its magical and mystical origins with Doctor Strange. I don’t know how I’m going to focus on anything in the year 2016 (which is a bad thing because it will be my final year of uni whoops) because there are going to be such massive comic book films coming out. The Deadpool leaked footage was awesome and stayed true to the character, Civil War will completely change the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Apocalypse is riding off the momentum of Days of Future Past with the inclusion of such a bad-ass villain, Suicide Squad will hopefully explore the gritty and humourous side of the DC villains, Doctor Strange will evolve the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the sorcerer supreme and Sinister Six will hopefully revitalise the Sony Spiderman Universe. All that being said I have to give this one to of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is a pretty biased response considering Superman is my favourite hero and Batman is my 2nd favourite hero (sometimes 3rd favourite depending on my mood and how I feel about Nightwing), but even still this movie does look promising. From the leaked comic-con footage we saw to the official Batfleck images released, I have never been more hyped about a movie before. If this movie is crap, expect to never hear from me again because I will be too busy crying in a corner of my room.


batman v superman


Wolverine 3 vs Guardians of the Galaxy 2 vs Wonder Woman vs Fantastic Four 2 vs Thor: Ragnarok vs Black Panther vs Justice League Part 1 vs Unknown Female-led Spider-man film vs Venom: Carnage vs Lego Batman (it counts!) 

Oh man I thought long and hard about this one. I want to say something like Wonder Woman but I just don’t trust Gal Gadot’s acting abilities yet, not until I see Batman v Superman. I also want to say Justice League but I can’t choose it because there are just too many unknown variables. Will Ben Affleck be a good Batman? Will the introduction of Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman flow well into Justice League? The list goes on. The point is I just can’t predict that film to be the best just yet, so I’m going to have to go with Lego Batman!                                                                   Just kidding! But I will go with Guardians of the Galaxy 2: because who doesn’t love a bunch of misfits hanging out in space, and also Guardians of the Galaxy proved that Marvel are able to translate these characters to film, giving us a fun movie with great chemistry between all the characters.

Winner: download


The Flash vs Avengers: Infinity War 1 vs Captain Marvel vs Unknown X-men film vs Aquaman vs Inhumans vs Amazing Spider Man 3 

Even though we know next to nothing about this film, and we only found out about it officially yesterday I’m going to have to go with Captain Marvel (Gotta support my gender as well ya know). By 2018 we would have already seen 2 Avengers films, and even though I suspect the 3rd film to be epic and amazing, Captain Marvel is a completely new property, and will only be part of the small handful of superhero films being led by a female. I think it’s time we put to rest the damsel in distress characters we typically see in comic books and comic book films. Captain Marvel will hopefully be following an already amazing Wonder Woman film so if the momentum is big enough I think this could be a really big hit!

Winner: captain marvel


Shazam vs Avengers Infinity War 2 vs Justice League Part 2

Nope I can’t decide this one sorry. It’s a tie between Avengers and Justice League. I can hardly believe they are coming out in the same year but they sure are! Word is Avengers Infinity War 2 will be a crossover between The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Wow. That’s just going to be on a whole other scale of epicness. This film will be a culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until 2019 so I expect it to be huge and awesome. But my inner (not really all that inner to be honest) DC fangirl just can’t forget about the Justice League. The Justice League are my babies. I just love them too much to not think that this film will be better than The Avengers. Warner Bros aren’t stupid. They know they are going to have to make an amazing Part 2 Justice League film. When you have characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc in a team-up film together I can’t help but feel like it’s going to be the best thing ever. And like I mentioned before I will remain cautious until we see Batman v Superman, I’m still incredibly excited for the Justice League films. 2019 is going to be Thanos vs Darkseid (vs Black Adam?) and it’s going to be incredibly awesome!

Winner: justice league line upmarvel civil war movie


Cyborg vs Green Lantern

2020 is looking pretty lonely right now, but I’m sure if this whole comic book movie trend keeps up we will see more movies announced for 2020. Right now I’m going to have to give this one to Green Lantern. Whether it’s Hal Jordan or John Stewart or who ever, the Green Lantern mythology is just too cool to not get excited for. Hopefully it will be better than the previous Green Lantern film though, but I’m sure it will be. I want to see Green Lanterns, Yellow Lanterns, Red Lanterns, White Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Orange Lanterns, Violet Lanterns, Black Lanterns, all the Lanterns! I want every single one of them!!! Obviously this will not happen because there is only so much you can fit in one film, but you get the point. But how amazing would it be if we got Black Lanterns, that would be some good shit. I’m not a huge Cyborg fan, don’t know much about him, so I have no idea if his film will be good or not. And you know neither of these movies may even happen, depending on how the next 5 years go.

Winner: green-lantern-corp-movie

So there’s my opinion on what I believe will be the stand out comic book films of their year. What would be your choices? Let me know!

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  1. I think it is impossible to predict the best movies, but I think it is possible to predict the box office winners.

    2015: I agree, that’s pretty much a no-brainer
    2016: The Box-office will most likely go to Batman vs Superman, though Captain America: Civil war has a good chance to win this run, too. Less pull based on the heroes in question, but more because it is part of the MCU.
    2017: Guardians of the Galaxy, if the movie is as good as the first one. Then it will break the box office records yet again.
    2018 and 2019: Infinity war 1 and 2. Unless Marvel produces a string of bad movies until then, everyone will want to see the culmination of Phase 3.
    2020: Who knows what else will be on the slate until then?

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