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Arrow Season 3 Episode 4: A Moral Dilemma

arrow season 3

Arrow season 3 episode 4 was actually the 50th episode of Arrow, woo hoo! But more importantly this Nyssa-centric episode focused on themes of morality, as the morals and values of many of the characters came into question. Arrow season 3 episode 4 was overall quite a good episode, however not having Felicity in the episode totally sucked! But anyways lets discuss Arrow season 3 episode 4: The Magician.

This episode’s main focus was all about the conflicting morals of the characters on the show. You have Oliver whose new ‘no kill’ policy conflicts with Nyssa Al Ghul’s policy of ‘kill everybody’. Having Nyssa in this episode was great. She really is a powerful character with strong ideas and can also kick some serious ass (obviously). Nyssa is pretty one note when it comes to her morals about killing, she doesn’t care about the fact that Merlyn didn’t actually kill Sarah, she stills wants him dead. Oliver on the other hand has evolved over the past 2 seasons, where he is now at a point where he feels the need to implement a ‘no kill’ policy to maintain his sense of humanity.

Then you have Laurel. I don’t know if I liked her character in this episode. She did come off annoying just being there in the cave questioning everything Oliver was doing, but I also understand where she is coming from. Laurel hasn’t learnt all the lessons that Oliver has learnt throughout the last few years. It isn’t just easy to kill someone and then say the problem is solved, Oliver understands this now, Laurel doesn’t, and this is where the conflict lies.

We then contrast today’s Oliver with the Oliver of the past in the Hong Kong flashback. In the flashback Oliver is told to kill a man for Amanda Waller, without any knowledge as to why he needs to kill him. Oliver does it, but not without questioning his actions. This brings up an interesting perspective of his character, and I’m questioning what in the world he went through to go from that guy to the guy we saw in season 1, who didn’t hesitate when he had to kill people. That transition is fascinating, and it appears he has come full circle again with his morality, after all the shit he has been through.

nyssa al ghul

And of course we also have to discuss Malcolm and Thea’s moral dilemmas. Malcolm acknowledges that he has blood on his hands, but he isn’t just plain evil, he does care. Care about Thea that is. Which leads us to bloody Thea whose all like ‘Oh Oliver no more lies’, and then continues to lie to his face about her hangout sessions with Malcolm. I guess she only values truth when it suits her. But to be fair the same thing can be said about Oliver, who still refuses to tell her about his Arrow alter ego.

Notably missing from today’s episode was Felicity, who was busy hanging out with The Flash to be in episode 4. Felicity’s character always manages to bring a good balance to Arrow, to help steer it away from being too dark and gritty all the time, I mean just in the 5 seconds she popped up in, the show instantly felt a little lighter. But regardless Arrow season 3 episode 4 was pretty solid.

Of course I must also discuss the appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul at the endof the episode (which by the way is totally pronounced as RAYSH). Not sure how I’m feeling about the actor playing him, he just sounds wayyyyyy too Australian. And obviously I know he is Australian in real life, but not going to lie it’s pretty distracting. Anyways we will see how he is in upcoming episodes, but it’s pretty exciting to have Ra’s finally on the show.

ra's-al-ghul-arrowOh and I totally forgot to mention that fight scene between Nyssa, Arrow and Merlyn. It was a good one! I’m always to impressed by the fight choreography in the show, really great to see them keep it up.

Anyways that’s my discussion of Arrow season 3 episode 4, what did you think of the episode? And what do you think of Arrow’s Ra’s Al Ghul? Let me know!

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