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Marvel vs DC: The Film Slate Announcement War


Because apparently it is a war, according to the good people over at Twitter. The #MarvelEvent tag was flooded with “Oh Marvel Wins, DC loses” crap, which is always entertaining to see. Anyways let’s get into a breakdown of the films Marvel has announced (and how they announced it) with a little bit of analysis for what it all means for their biggest competitor WB/DC.

Okay let me preface this by saying that it’s not secret that I’m more of a DC fan (hello it’s even in my header), but at the end of the day I love all comic book films! But unfortunately I do not have the extensive knowledge about Marvel that I do have about DC characters, so a lot of these movies I have little to no knowledge about what the heck they can be about, but taking it at face value I’m going to tell you what I see.

And coming from a person whose studying marketing right now, this is how you announce a slate of films! The Marvel film announcement has gotten itself a number 1 worldwide trending hashtag, #MarvelEvent, and they opened the announcement to the public for those who were actually there and for those who were online reading the live blog. Compared to DC’s announcement I can already see the comments, “Oh Marvel actually cares about their fans, all DC cares about is money”. First of all to that I say, you would be pretty stupid to think that Marvel doesn’t care about money. But either way this was a fantastic way to create an interactive announcement with the fans. It really is good publicity for them and further instills that positive, fan-friendly, image people hold of Marvel in their minds. Okay now let’s talk about these movies:


Captain America: Civil War May 6, 2016.

So we already know about this one and I have already talked about it as you can read here. So there isn’t much to say other than it will become the launching pad for the ultimate evolution and progression of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange November 4, 2016.

This one we already knew about as well, however even though Deadline reported yesterday that Benedict Cumberbatch was in final talks to play Strange, they did not announce him for the role. Feige went on to say that anything that was not announced here is either false or still a rumour. I just thinks this means they have not locked down his contract yet, so they can’t officially announce him, but I think at this point in time it’s still a pretty safe bet that he will be playing Doctor Strange. This film will be a nice film to enter into the universe as it adds a different element to the universe. Yes Thor has already introduced the mythical side of things, Doctor Strange will propel the Marvel universe deeper into the crazy magic side of things

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 May 5, 2017.

This is the last one on the list that we already knew about. So again not much to say except it’s a no brainer. Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing comic book film of this year, so of course they are going to want to get this one out as soon as possible.

Thor: Ragnarok July 28, 2017.

Thor The Dark World in my opinion was a bit of a let down. I loved the first Thor but felt the second one was ruined by the stupid, 2-dimensional villain. Hopefully the third (and presumably last) Thor film will improve on it’s predecessor.

Black Panther November 3, 2017 starring Chadwick Boseman.

Okay so here’s when the Marvel vs DC talks really start coming in. Marvel copped a lot of criticism when DC announced their film slate. There was a lot of discussion about DC infusing their cinematic universe with diversity, whereas the Marvel Cinematic Universe was mainly lead by white-blonde haired Chris’s. Well now Marvel has punched that criticism in the face by announcing the Black Panther film, with the announcement of the actor, just in case anybody was worried they would cast a white guy to play him (because apparently these are very real fears of people). Of course they weren’t going to do that, and now with the announcement of this film we can see that Black Panther is in fact coming out before the Cyborg solo film. Sorry DC! But Marvel got you on this one, but really they didn’t because it’s great to see both universes bringing in diversity into their films.

Captain Marvel July 6, 2018.

Now don’t say that Marvel are sexist bastards anymore, because they announced a solo female-led superhero flick! We all expected it to be Captain Marvel, so it’s great they have finally committed. Of course the Wonder Woman solo film is coming out 1 year before this film, which I’m sure they considered before dating the film. The solo Wonder Woman film will let the audience become more comfortable with a solo female-led film, paving the way for the general audience to get really excited for the next female-led film, Captain Marvel. Many people were outraged that Black Widow was not getting a stand alone film, but honestly I can’t see her character being able to support her own movie. A character like Captain Marvel will bring something different to the universe, and all this Kree stuff has already been layed out in the films and in Agents of Shield, so it makes sense to give her her own film.

Inhumans  November 2, 2018.

Another heavily rumoured film has become a reality. Half of the announced Marvel film slate are team-up movies, and it’s no surprise. Films such as X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy do really well by introducing to the audience a plethora of characters with their own individual quirks and qualities. Team dynamics are always fun to watch, so this film does have a lot of potential. Now granted I really know nothing about Inhumans, and I still am pretty excited for this film purely because it isn’t a solo character movie.

Avengers: Infinity War – Part I May 4, 2018 followed by Part II on May 3, 2019

Oooh finally the Thanos story arc comes to a close in The Avengers Part 1 and Part 2, which are going to be released only a year after each other! Now that is crazy. It’s interesting that they too are going with the Part 1 Part 2 thing, after we heard Justice league will be broken up into 2 parts. Also the Justice League Part 2 and The Avengers Part 2 are coming out in the same year, now that is just pure crazy! What a year, if they are going to end with a cliffhanger, at least we won’t have to wait a long time before the next film.

So there you have it, the Marvel Film slate up until 2019. I wish I could write more about it now, but I have to run out of the door to get to uni!!

Anyways what do you think about the slate? Any one movie in particular you’re excited for? Let me know!



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  1. No matter what this is good for all of us comic fans, Of all the movies announced by either side I am looking most forward to Captain Marvel. One of the best written comics today


    • So true, so many potentially great movies coming out which is good for everyone
      Captain Marvel is really exciting, i don’t know that much about her but people seem to love her which is always a good sign, hope they get a good director for it 🙂


  2. Great article!! Yeah, I had a bit of a meltdown at the event and I think seeing Chadwick Boseman being a blockbuster lead is pretty damn exciting 🙂 I think Captain Marvel is probably what I am most excited for because I definitely think we need to start seeing female superheroes.


    • Thanks! I know I was like this is just too much information to handle right now, especially with all the other news the past couple of weeks haha. Yeah it’s going to be really good seeing a Captain Marvel movie, really interested to see who they cast as her


      • Haha I know I have read every article you wrote, even I am overwhelmed. I hope that they cast someone who isn’t a obvious choice. I think Emily Blunt or Katee Sackhoff and even Jennifer Lawrence is way too obvious. I want someone who doesn’t do action films but fits the divining qualities of the character.


      • haha i’m struggling to keep up! Yep agreed, Katee Sackhoff is kind of too old in my opinion anyways, I don’t think they will cast a high profile actress, but I’m sure we will find out soon, probably like next week because apparently this is the time of the year to announce big stuff :p


      • You think so? I think Feige may be done with announcements until Avengers 2 comes out. At least it seems that way! I think it’s interesting how they didn’t focus much on the Netflix shows or any of the ABC shows either. I think they may be left up to how much impact they emit.


      • I think they will at least announce who Strange is this year. Yeah I would like to know how the tv superheroes fit into the cinematic universe, hopefully more information comes out once the Netflix shows start

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  3. I am not a comic book reader, but I like watching those movies – though I am harder to please than the average comic book fan. But the MCU has me. Big time.

    I think the whole DC vs Marvel discussion is a little bit silly. Both of them have been and will be again ahead at one point. But when we are talking movies…Marvel is way ahead of DC. DC really needs to rethink the “gritty” approach a little bit, and they shouldn’t scramble around trying to do what Marvel does. And when I say that I do because I want them both doing well. I want this Wonder Woman movie to succeed, but I fear it wont, especially not if DC goes with a “we are looking for a female director” mind-set into it.

    I disagree with you concerning Black Widow. She could certainly carry her own Spy movie, and I am very disappointed that we won’t get one. Oh well.

    And the race for the first black lead Superhero movie…that was decided years ago with the Blade movies. So I am kind of amused that so many people act as if that was never done before. It’s great that they introduce some new heroes into mainstream media. Always appreciated.


    • I think that DC should definitely continue with the tone they have right now, but they need to find the right balance for it. It’s good that DC has a different tone to Marvel because it differentiates the two universes which is good. I’m hoping Wonder Woman is great as well, but my biggest concern is more so Gal Gadot’s abilities, hopefully she proves her self in BvS

      Fair enough. Black Widow could definitely have a great spy movie, just for me I think she is a far great supporting character as she really brings out different sides of the other Avengers so I’m not that fussed she isn’t getting her own movie, but it would have been interesting for her to get one

      You’re right about the the race for the first black lead superhero movie, but I guess everyone is just looking at the ‘modern age’ superhero films which started from the Marvel cinematic movies, just how people consider Wonder Woman to be the first solo female superhero movie even though we got Elecktra. But yeah it’s good to see new characters other than the normal ones we see all the time, it’s an exciting time!


      • I think the question is less if there never was a female lead comicbook movie (unless I overlooked one there have been five so far, six if you count Barbarella), and more if we finally get a good and successful one. Never mind that Wonder Woman has been in development for decades. Blade already was successful, therefore there is a little bit less to proof on this front.

        I don’t mind gritty in itself, but I do mind “totally devoid of any hope”, especially in a Superman movie (I can’t express enough how much I hated Man of Steel). And DC has to pay attention that they don’t put style over story. It is great when they tackle thought provoking themes…but they should show them, not discourse about them. In the end, I still want a good story.

        Take the Winter Soldier. The movie is everything but upbeat. It also addresses some important questions, which are not abstract, but something we really have to think about today and in real life. And it does so by showing the view of two very different characters, one idealistic and one very pragmatic. And in the end, they insert a moment of hope.

        I am not saying that DC should copy Marvel, but that is what their movies are currently lacking: a message of hope. And that is true for the TV shows, too. I wonder why anyone would want to even life in Gotham or Starling City, never mind bothering to defend either place. Everything goes to the extreme.

        Oh well…if for nothing else, I am very thankful that Marvel prompted DC to pull some other heroes beside Batman from their shelves.


      • I definitely get where you’re coming from, but we’re on completely different ends when it comes to Man of Steel. Of course it comes to personal opinion but I did get a really strong sense of hope from that, won’t go into any lengthy discussion about that now, but there was a lot of problems with Man of Steel that I acknowledge. Yes Gotham, Starling City and even Metropolis in MOS were completely screwed up cities but the point is that even in the worst parts of the world there is still the opportunity for good, and that hope of prevailing good is something that those heroes don’t ever won’t to give up on

        As for Winter Soldier I completely agree with you, that was 100% my favourite film of the Marvel universe, especially because for once the stakes felt real because they took a more serious tone, whilst not loosing that Marvel flavour.

        But yeah overall I think that Marvel can learn from DC and DC can learn from Marvel, and as long as they keep challenging each other, we keep getting good movies.


      • Well, there is also Guardians of the Galaxy…I adore the movie. But comparing it to the Winter Soldier is pretty much pointless. They are too different and it is pretty much a matter of taste and mood which is the better one.

        For me Man of Steel has such a long list of aspects I didn’t like (the shaky cam, the pathos, the religious imagery, the overlong action scenes, the lack of character building, the plot contrivances), it is my least favourite Superhero movie (well…second least after Catwoman). Objectively speaking t is certainly not the worst out there, how could it with nonsense like Howard the Duck in the running. But something about this movie rubbed me entirely the wrong way.


      • Yeah I liked Guardians of the Galaxy, just not as much as everyone else

        Fair enough, it’s definitely one of the more divisive superhero films but you seem to really hate it, I freaking love it and it’s my 2nd favourite superhero movie after Dark Knight, haha so we have pretty opposing opinions about MOS but that’s cool, it all makes for an interesting conversation.


      • Tastes differ…I might be the only one who thinks that The Amazing Spider-man is the best Spider-man of them all. Sadly that doesn’t change the fact that the reboot is struggling with the audience.
        MoS is very controversial, and I think it will be difficult to built a Universe on this movie. Dawn of Justice has to be really convincing or I see the entire slate of DC in Danger.


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