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Rumour Discussion: Lex Luthor to be in Suicide Squad Movie?

lex luthor suicide squad movie

Another day, another rumour, and here’s an interesting one for you: Jessie Eisenberg aka Lex Luthor may join the cast of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. This report comes via Deadline, who are pretty accurate with the things they say, so I think that this is a rumour worth discussing and speculating, seeing how his character may or may not fit into the Suicide Squad movie.

So I’ve already talked about why the Suicide Squad movie will be great so any new rumours about possible cast list I’m going to be interested in, but the addition of Lex Luthor is surprising to me. If you don’t really know about the Suicide Squad, they’re basically a group of supervillains who are in a high security prison called Belle Reve. They get hired by the (dodgy side of the) government, with their main boss being Amanda Waller, to complete tasks that are too suicidal for any other group of people to do. In return they get time shaven off their life sentences, however to keep them in check they all have bombs planted in their necks, which will go off if they choose to deviate from the intended plan.

Now the capacity of Lex Luthor’s role in the Suicide Squad film depends on what happens to him in Batman v Superman. If by the end of Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor gets his ass thrown into prison, this could open up the doors for him to become a member of the Suicide Squad. Lex Luthor has never normally been a member of the Suicide Squad, but it does make sense.

Lex Luthor has a serious hero complex, he likes to believe he can and will save the world one day. In fact in the current DC New 52 continuity Lex Luthor is even a member of the Justice League. I’m sure Lex would love the chance to join a team of screwed up individuals, become their leader, and lead them through all their missions for the government. But if this does happen, it would mean one of two things:

lex luthor suicide squad movie

The first being that Lex Luthor gets caught and arrested in Batman v Superman. This seems a little fast, and I would assume that they would be setting Lex Luthor to continue appearing in future Justice League and Superman films. Personally I don’t believe Lex Luthor will be arrested by the end of Batman v Superman. He is too big of a character to just be defeated that quickly in this larger cinematic universe. Of course in previous Superman films Lex Luthor does get caught by the end of the first film, but those films weren’t part of a larger cinematic universe. Perhaps Lex Luthor won’t even be the main villain of Batman v Superman, and he won’t start showing his true villain nature until the end of the film, setting him up to be one of the antagonists in Justice League.

Another thing this would mean is, if Lex Luthor is a member of the Suicide Squad, he would have to be the leader. I don’t like the sound of that, mainly because Deadshot is one of my favourite comic book characters and I love that Deadshot is always forced to become the leader of the Suicide Squad. Unlike Lex Luthor, Deadshot kinda sorta cares about the members of his team (though he doesn’t like to show it much), so it adds an interesting dynamic to the team’s relationship. Lex Luthor on the other hand I can totally imagine just leaving his team to die a very quick and sudden death.

Some articles have been saying that maybe instead of Lex Luthor becoming a member of the team, he instead hires them to maybe steal something for him or break him out of prison. This sounds more like the Secret Six and less like the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad can’t just be hired to anybody, they work for ARGUS, which is a government organisation. The only way I see Lex being able to hire out the Suicide Squad, is if Lex and Amanda Waller have a relationship. Considering Amanda Waller is the main boss of the Suicide Squad, if her and Lex have some kind of alliance, like they sometimes do in the comics, then maybe the story could go down the path of Lex getting the Suicide Squad to do him a favour.

Oh you know Lex Luthor might just become the President, like in the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies arc and then have Amanda Waller get them to do all his dirty work. But of course that seems pretty far fetched (but would be pretty awesome).

Anyways what do you think about the possibility of Lex Luthor being part of the Suicide Squad movie? What type of role in the film do you think he will play? Let me know!

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  1. It would be interesting to see Lex as a member of the Suicide Squad.

    Personally, I actually both agree and disagree with your assessment of his role in BvS. I agree that Luthor is not truly the big bad of the film. That said, I think he’s actually being manipulated / assisted by Brainiac, meaning that he can in fact be defeated and thrown in prison by the end of the film while still serving a larger universe-building story.

    Of course, that’s all purely speculative. I am excited to find out what’s what when these films finally arrive!


    • Hmm that would be interesting, and there is that rumour about Brainiac being the big bad of Justice League, so it could be Brainiac kind of giving Luthor the evil nudge in BvS and then Brainiac going solo in Justice League. And yeah even if Luthor gets chucked in jail, I’m sure he won’t stay there for too long anyways, because when do supervillains ever stay in prison for long!

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  2. I don’t think lex luthor is going to be in suicide squad because 99percent of the rumors out there usually are not true. If he is in the movie it will probably just be a cameo I dont think he will be a part of the suicide squad because the people in the suicide squad are able to fight or they have powers and I don’t think he will become president either because he is too young at least right now the new lex luthor is supposed to be in his twenties


    • I know there’s so many rumours about these things that we just have to kind of wait and see what’s true and what’s not. But yeah most likely a cameo (unless he gets his purple and green battle suit haha)


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