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Agents of Shield’s new additions continue to elevate the show

adrianne palicki agents of shield mockingbird

Today on Agents of Shield we saw Wonder Woman in her invisible jet (well kinda). But all jokes aside Adrianne Palicki’s (the once to be Wonder Woman) made a great debut on the show. Along with new additions Hunter and Mac, the show has introduced some great dynamics between the characters, but the question is, are there too many dynamics to keep track of now?

The only real female badass on the show up to this point was Agent May. Yeah Skye kicked the occasional ass, but not as well as May did. Now we have another one, Bobbi, aka Mockingbird. As much as I love Agent May, she can come off as a little stale sometimes, lacking a personality. But Bobbi truly has a fiery personality, and a lot of charisma. Palicki’s addition to the show will hopefully keep the audience intrigued. It’s easy to get lost in the plot of Agents of Shield sometimes. There just always seem to be an awful lot happening with many different parallel story arcs. What keeps me going mainly is the dynamics of the team. Fitz and Simmons. Coulson and May. Skye and Ward. These are the dynamics that keep the show interesting.

Now we have a new dynamic, Hunter and Bobbi. Hunter was already a great addition to the show, an obvious replacement for Ward, he is a badass like Ward, but with an actual personality this time.

However now we got a lot of members on the team. I completely forgot Agent Tripplett still existed and Mac was hardly in the episode as well. And now that Simmons is back on the team, that’s a lot of dynamics to balance on the show.

Of course I expect the core of the show to remain about the original group we were introduced to in the pilot, but it’s going to be difficult to be able to find a way to effectively develop the dynamics of all the different characters on the show.

I’m all for introducing new characters to keep the show fresh and evolving, but it’s going to get a little bit convoluted if the audience is forced to face like 20 different relationships between the characters on the show.

Regardless, I really enjoyed this week’s episode, and hope next week continues the upward swing the show has been on this season. Also we’re going to be getting the Age of Ultron trailer with next week’s episode woohoo! Word will get around about that, meaning Agents of Shield will get a solid ratings boost next week. Hopefully people that have decided to tune out will tune back in to see the trailer and be pleasantly surprised by the fact that Agents of Shield is actually good now!

Anyways what did you think of Adrianne Palicki’s addition to the show? Let me know! 


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