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The Flash Episode 2: So damn lovable!

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It may not have the world’s greatest actors, or the world’s greatest dialogue, but when you watch The Flash you can’t help but smile. The personality of this show shines through so well that you forgive any cheesy dialogue or awkward scenes. So let’s discuss The Flash episode 2.

So clearly following the freak of the week formula Smallville and Arrow did in season 1, we were presented by another crazy meta-human. You know how the story goes. The Flash sees bad guy. The Flash tries to beat bad guy. The Flash fails. The Flash learns an important lesson. The Flash sees bad guy again. The Flash beats bad guy. It’s a pretty systematic routine that keeps you entertained. But the strength in the show doesn’t lie in that formula, rather it lies in the personality it conveys. The Flash episode 2 starts with Barry talking to the audience. His conversation with the audience is light hearted, it’s fun. And starting the narrative from that point instantly connects you to the show.

You feel like your besties with Barry, like he’s just telling you about his day. Barry’s awkwardness and naivety really allows him to solidify this friendship with the audience. He’s just a normal guy. Unlike Oliver Queen who started off as intimidating and rough (I mean I don’t think I would want to be besties with that guy) Barry is definitely the guy you want to root for.

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Now of course The Flash episode 2 had some really cheesy dialogue (“we were all struck by lightning that night” blah), but the heart of the show is instilled by the lovable protagonist and the constant humour that keeps the show fresh.

But of course it’s not all fun and games. The final scene *spoiler* showed good old Harrison stab Stagg. Now who knows right know if he’s a good guy, with twisted morals, that wants to help Barry, or if he’s actually a bad guy who wants to hurt Barry. Right now I have no idea, it could go either way. I love that we have this mystery embedded in the show, that reminds the audience that the stakes are real, and it’s not always just fun and games. We saw in the pilot that there was a “crisis” so with this mystery now being threaded into the story, it adds an interesting layer to the show.

Right now it does seem to be sticking to the freak of the week, formulaic style, but soon the main overarching story of the season will be revealed, which I am looking forward to. Anyways once again a really good episode, with strong visual effects (except maybe the first scene with the fire, that looked a bit off).

So did you watch The Flash episode 2? What did you think about it? Let me know!

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  1. Much like you I enjoy this show for its humor and “lightness.” Barry is a genuinely likeable guy and you can’t help but cheer him on. I can’t wait for the next episode.


  2. Yeah Barry’s intensely likeable personality is what’s keeping me entertained through this show’s early freak of the week formula. Can’t wait till the long-term story side of things kick into gear too!

    Also, those Multiplex special effects were shockingly great for a TV budget – really well executed


    • Yeah hopefully after the mid season we get to know about what the bigger story is
      I know they were great! And considering The CW tv shows don’t really have a high budget compared to other network tv shows, it’s great to see the amazing stuff they can do

      And with this Barry being so likeable, it’s going to be interesting when The Flash movie comes out…


      • Absolutely. Most shows take time to get going in the story department, and for The Flash it’s no different. But what makes it pretty unique is how enjoyable these early episodes are anyway!

        That’s true. There was a time I’d have liked to have seen Amell and Gustin in the movie-verse. Hopefully Ezra Miller can knock it out the park though!

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