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Marvel Civil War Cinematic Story: What it is and why it’s great

marvel civil war movieSo in case you haven’t heard, Variety has reported that Captain America 3 will begin the cinematic Civil War storyline, which will greatly impact the Marvel cinematic universe moving forward. Proving once again that the people at Marvel Studios know what they’re doing, this story is a fantastic way to keep the universe fresh, and to continue the progression of the universe. The classic formula of superhero meets bad guy, superhero beats bad guy is beginning to wear thin. Conflict between superheroes on this scale is an interesting way to not only further develop these characters, but to also further develop this universe, helping to avoid viewer fatigue.

So first let’s get into a quick summary of what the Civil War storyline is. Now I am not really a Marvel reader (sorry!) but I am aware of the basic details of the story. A new legislation is introduced for individiduals with super human abilities to come forward and reveal their secret identities and be trained.  The main leader of this front is Iron Man and the main leader of the opposition is Captain America, who believes that this legislation breaches basic civil liberties (he isn’t called Captain America for no reason right??). So a split is created within the Marvel universe, with different heroes taking different sides. Spiderman for example first takes the side of Iron Man, but after a series of unfortunate events decides to join Cap’s side. Daredevil is also another player on Cap’s side so maybe (fingers crossed) we get the television Daredevil in the cinematic universe. Eventually Iron Man’s side wins the fight, and Captain America is assassinated (but don’t worry superheroes never stay dead for long).

So the plan is for Captain America 3 to be the launching pad for this massive story, with Iron Man now also going to be in Captain America 3. Basically we have a mini Avengers movie now in Captain America 3 (good thing Batman v Superman isn’t opening up on the same day as them now hey). This storyline will introduce an interesting dichotomy between Iron Man and Captain America. We already saw the difference in their approaches of being a superhero in The Avengers where tension between the two was clear. However when the concept of freedom is the main point of conflict between the two, it will definitely open up interesting character arcs that will develop a whole new layer for the characters.

marvel civil war

Iron Man v Captain America hmmmm

This Civil War story will also keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe fresh, opening the universe to a whole bunch of new plots and characters. We could see a whole new Avengers assemble in Avengers 3 because of this movie, which is a great way to avoid viewer fatigue. The general audience will get over seeing the same characters, and the same formulaic storylines over and over again, so this type of long form narrative that branches out new story opportunities for the universe, is a great way to keep the comic book genre alive.

Me personally, I’m super excited to see the Civil War story unfold in Captain America 3, and it’s great to see that Marvel has a plan for the long term (not that I really doubted it). It will be interesting to see how this will affect future properties that come after Captain America 3, like Doctor Strange, but for right now we will have to wait to see Avengers: Age of Ultron where the building blocks for this story will be layed out.

So are you excited for the Civil War story to unfold in Captain America 3? Let me know!

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  1. I am totally excited! Especially that sources are saying Captain America or Thor will not be Avengers 3. It makes the Thanos story arc so much more interesting. My brain is exploding on the possibilities that this story can lead to.

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    • I know i can’t wait to here what plans they have for the next line up of movies, it’s so good to see them doing something like this! Yeah i heard about cap and thor maybe not being in avengers 3, very curious to see what they do..


      • I know! I guess their aim is to build up two separate sanctions with Cap and Iron Man as leaders. Then have them reconcile for Avengers 4 to lead into something new. What’s interesting is Chris Evans has one more role as Captain America in his contract but a different unspecified role also.


      • I think it’s going to be Nomad. It would be nuts but I think Marvel is just smart enough to pull it off! There’s been various reports like about a female Thor being a reality, Captain Marvel already being cast and Falcon being part of the “rogue” Avengers. Which would make sense if they have a role reversal between Stark and Rodgers. There’s even speculation that War Machine will finally be utilized in the movies more and with Captain America. It’s so cool! Sorry that I am sounding like a total Marvel fanboy :p haha


      • and considering they just announced marvel civil war comic in 2015 it seems as though they are aligning their comic books with their movies more
        hahah that’s okay i’m a total dc fangirl so it’s good to give some love to marvel on here 🙂


      • Haha alright and DC is fine by me..sort of 🙂 I did not know that either, this is probably a bit of forecasting also. The end of Avengers 2 is supposed to begin the big shift which I hear the tone of the beginning is really light and friendly. It’s also going to be sad to see Joss Whedon go after 2 but the Russo brothers are speculated to direct 3 & 4 which is just as perfect.


  2. I would love to see the civil war story line in the movies but I dont think that would happen at least not in avengers 3 maybe 4 or 5 because for one they don’t really like have a lot superheroes introduced right now to have a civi war by the time avengers 3 comes out the new people would be ant man and doctor strange. They’ve been building up thanos for a long time and I think he is the main threat in avengers 3. Another reason we wont see this so soon is because everyone knows who the superheores are . Every body knows who captain america is everybody knows who iron man is Everybody knows who all the avengers are.


    • i agree about the secret identities thing, it doesn’t really make sense, but i think what they will do instead is make it that the government wants superheroes to sign a legislation that makes them legally binded the the government, where they have to work for the government and not just do their own thing, so essentially instead of it being about revealing secret identities it will be more about being controlled by the government which could cause the conflict between iron man and cap, but yeah they have to continue to thanos story, so who knows how they will all tie it in now


      • would’nt it be so coolnIknow this character is owned by sony but wouldnt it be so cool to see spiderman in a cival war movie because Spiderman is so central to that story. Sony isnt doing so well right now. I wouldnt be shocked if we see him in mcu movie


    • Yeah and I don’t think they’re planning on relying too heavily on the source material anyways, they’re going to do their own thing, what works with their universe, and that’s a good thing

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