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A happy Arrow, is a good Arrow

arrow season 3

So I don’t think there have been as many jokes in the last 2 seasons, as there have been in the season three premiere of Arrow. I don’t think there have been as many smiles in the last 2 seasons, and there have been in the season three premiere of Arrow. It’s amazing to see the progression and evolution of Arrow, and I got to say, I’m loving this somewhat lighter Arrow (even though the ending was insanely intense, but hey what’s an Arrow episode without a shit-crazy ending right?).

With the introduction of the once Superman, Brandon Routh’s character, Ray Palmer, we see some lightness enter into the normally dark, ‘grittier’ show. So now we have Felicity and Ray bringing some much needed comedy into the show. Then you have babies being born! This beautiful, innocent, happy baby, bringing joy to the show. You also got a love-struck Oliver Queen who can’t stop smiling, and making quick remarks. And Laurel, who we saw be super moody for most of season 2, is looking happy, healthy and in control of herself.

It’s great to see how much the show has changed from its first season. For the first season you felt a little hopeless for Oliver and the people around him. Everything was pretty weary and terrible. But now there is a light of optimism shining into his world, and in the long run you can see that maybe he will get a ‘happy’ ending.

The tone of the show is significantly different, and as an extension of my previous post (about The Flash and its tone), this first season of Arrow proves that there is no universal DC tone. The showrunners of Arrow clearly don’t feel the need to be constrained by the weary darker tone season one took, with season three already feeling fresh and optimistic.

Now of course in classic CW style, there were times in the season three premiere of Arrow which made me cringe or roll my eyes in its soap-opera dramatics (the felicity/oliver moment at the hospital urghh), but overall I’m liking this new direction they are taking. The show closely follows real time, so it makes sense that as Oliver evolves as a person as he is subjected to new people (and a line of new girlfriends), new experiences and learns to confront his emotions and fears, which we saw come to life in the season three premiere, the show must evolve as well. Which is exactly what it’s doing.

Now of course the happiness only lasted so long with the ending shocking me! Don’t read any further if you haven’t watch the episode yet but….




Sarah dying!!!! I always thought they were eventually going to kill her off so that the Black Canary mantle could be passed to Laurel, but I did not think it would be this soon. Now the question is, who shot her? Malcolm? Ra’s? Thea? Who knows, but I’m sure we will find out soon.

So what did you think of the season three premiere of Arrow? Are you liking the lighter approach the show is taking? Let me know!

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