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Gotham: Will we ever see real, crazy Batman villains? Maybe not.

gotham batman crazy villains

So just in case you didn’t know, this is Batman’s world, and we’re just living in it. And this case becomes obvious when you have one of the most anticipated movies of the decade starring him, and when one of the most anticipated tv shows of the season, is all about his mythology. Creating the tv show Gotham was an obvious idea, and a good one at that. However how long can we keep teasing these major villains without actually giving us their full versions? And how long will people stay interested in a show about Batman’s world without Batman?

I actually don’t have a problem with not seeing Batman in this world. The city of Gotham and its criminals are so encapsulating on their own, that you can tell great stories without Batman. My main problem with this show is that everything seems to be a damn lead up!

First of all, we’re obviously leading up to Batman. We see that with young Bruce being you know, just a normal kid, standing on the edge of rooftops and burning his hand to ‘conquer fear’. We know where he will end up, it’s all just a slow slow slow build up. You can make a similar comparison with Smallville (which by the way I don’t care about what anybody says or about how bad bad bad some of those seasons were, I freaking love Smallville), because it was 10 seasons of lead up to Clark Kent becoming Superman. However Smallville quickly evolved from its intial premise and wasn’t afraid to bring in just about every dc comic character in their full form. You had him fight Lex Luthor, Doomsday (kinda), Metallo, Zod, Brainiac (kinda), Darkseid (kinda) and so many other characters. You even had the the bloody justice league on the show! With Aquaman, Cyborg and more, but for some reason I can’t see Gotham evolving to that kind of state.

I fear that Gotham will consistently just be one great big lead up, with no real evolution or progression. Of course I’m not expecting the justice league to pop up or anything, but this show keeps making big promises, that I’m not sure it will be able to keep.

Basically the reason why I love Batman’s villains so much, is because they are all the craziest of the insane! I want to see Professor Pyg and his creepy doll army, which I know they hinted towards in this week’s episode (remember that bartender Fish Mooney was sleeping with?), but I don’t see them ever taking him to that crazy level. I want to see the Mad Hatter controlling the entire city. I want to see the Riddler plunge Gotham into complete darkness and madness with his riddles.

Of course these are just early days. But everything is just wayyyy too normal for my liking right now. It just feels like another procedural cop show to me, it just needs more crazy, it needs to be able to fulfill the promises it has hinted at towards its villains.

crazy joker

-Did somebody say crazy?

My biggest hope right now is the Penguin. He’s already going crazy and slashing people’s necks left right and centre, which i’m loving! I definitely see him being the standout in the show, really encapsulating what is so compellingly awesome about Batman’s freaky villains.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need a little bit more crazy stirred into this show, to fully get into it. I don’t want them to tease the Joker if they’re never going to show him. I don’t want them to keep showing us Edward Nygma if they’re not going to have him do something completely insane like take over Arkham Asylum. And maybe they will do these things, but the whole premise of this show is orgin stories. Once the origin story is completed and the villains are their full comic book crazy self, they won’t really be able to further their story without Batman. So of course the showrunners will want to slowly build up to each villain’s full craziness so that they can keep their storylines in the show as long as they can. Because once you fully develop all these villains into their amazing crazy selves, you can only take them so far without being like ‘hmmm now is about the time Batman is supposed to show up’. And considering Brucie boy is only like 12, it’s going to be a loong time until that happens.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think that we will ever see Batman’s villains in their full crazy form on the show? Or do you think we don’t need to. Let me know!

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  1. I’m definitely enjoying the development of Penguin. I have a feeling that Fish Mooney is basically there as a placeholder until Penguin’s rise to power. I see those two having an all out war in a season or two (if the series lasts that long). In my own little perfect world, this season would build up Penguin and leave his arrival back in Gotham as the cliffhanger for the season finale. He pops into Fish’s club. It’s raining outside, so naturally he has his umbrella in tow. He closes it, Mooney gets a shocked look on her face, and then you hear gunshots. Season over, wait till next year to find out who shot first.

    I also see the Riddler, or at least his alter ego, Edward Nygma, getting a job at the newly reopened Arkham Asylum. They mentioned in the episode last night that it was closed, so I’m expecting its doors to open midseason, just in time for the Dollmaker to be tossed in or something like that.

    I really do hope this series gets stronger. I like it how it’s building up so far. It’s about time the Penguin gets to shine!


    • I completely agree about Penguin, and definitely think there will be a major power shift in season 2 (i love your scenario haha)
      Yeah they mentioned arkham a lot in this week’s episode so hopefully we get to see Nygma working there soon, will be interesting 🙂


  2. I also think Smallville is one of the best shows ever , with that being said ,
    My hopes are to see the villians in their true natures , and Batman soon , otherwise , people may get bored fast –
    But I got a bad feeling Batman won’t be on this show at all –
    Just the kid As Bruce Wayne 😦
    Which will be a huge mistake and a major Disappointment –
    Gotham with No Superhero -The BATMAN !!!
    Do you have any confirmation either way ?


    • There will be no Batman! sorry to break it to you haha, but they won’t be using batman in the tv universe when he is in the movie universe, it’s warner bros rule, so it will mainly be set whilst bruce is still a kid, depending on how long the show lasts


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