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Ben Affleck can act, he will be a great Batman: Proof is in Gone Girl

ben affleck batman gone girl

just in case you needed more convincing ben affleck will make a great batman


So I just came back from a screening of David Fincher’s new movie Gone Girl, and I just had to write about it straight away. The lead in this highly anticipated film was none other than our future batman himself, Ben Affleck. And wow this might just be his best performance to date, proving that Batfleck is consistently becoming a stronger actor with every new role he takes on.

A quote from Gone Girl “They disliked me, then they liked me. They hated me, and now they love me” pretty much sums up Ben Affleck’s career so far, and this movie definitely proves there’s a reason why the world is loving Ben Affleck again. Now his character in the movie was by no means a Bruce Wayne/Batman, but it was most certainly the closest to that type of character we have seen him play so far (his character in The Town was also similar). In Gone Girl Nick Dunne pretty much comes off as a sneaky bastard, with a smile that you know is covering something up, which reminds me of a certain billionaire we know. Ben Affleck really shined in Gone Girl, giving us a layered character that you never truly understand. You hate him, then you sympathise with him, then you’re disgusted by him etcera etcera, and its Affleck’s acting ability that’s able to really bring out that emotion and reaction in the audience.

The biggest problem that I had with the Ben Affleck casting as Batman (by the way I am a Batfleck supporter since day 1) was that he was too big of a star. I feared that instead of seeing Bruce Wayne/Batman, I would just see Ben Affleck having a go at some cosplay. But Gone Girl proved to me that Ben Affleck can well and truly immerse himself so deeply into a character that you truly become convinced by his character, and you no longer see an actor playing a character, you purely just see the character.

Again Ben Affleck has chosen a movie (Gone Girl) that will help propel his career even further. Gone Girl is already gaining Oscar traction, proving that right now Ben Affleck is really focusing on his career, picking big projects such as this David Fincher film, that he knows is good and that he can shine in. This just gives me comfort in Batman V Superman, because to me it would be career suicide if he agreed on playing Batman knowing that the story and direction was shit.

Ben Affleck knows what he’s doing. He’s no amateur anymore. Bring up Gigli or Daredevil (even though I think the director’s cut of Daredevil is actually kinda good) all you want, but the matter of fact is that, that’s old Ben Affleck. This is new Ben Affleck. Once he stepped behind the camera to direct, he improved in front of the camera. A director like David Fincher wouldn’t pick a shitty actor for a lead in his movie. He knew Affleck could pull it off, and that’s exactly what he did.

Now as for the movie, Gone Girl, itself, please please check it out when it comes out in your area. It’s an amazing film, and even though Ben Affleck shines in the movie, the real stand out is Rosamund Pike, who absolutely blew my mind with her performance!

So have you seen Gone Girl? Do you think it will change your mind about Ben Affleck as Batman, or were you already a supporter? Let me know!

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