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Suicide Squad Movie Update: And why it needs to happen!

 suicide squad movie                                                     

Okay the first thing you need to know about me before I get into this is that I’m a huge Deadshot fan. I freakin love Floyd Lawton and obviously I want him in a movie. Now I know he’s already in arrow, and I love that version of him, but personally I want fully costumed deadshot who can shine in a moderately budgeted movie and be the actual lead.

So what we know: according to Variety Warner Bros. is looking at David Ayer to direct a Suicide Squad movie. Presumably the suicide squad movie would be part of the 9 announced untitled dc movies, 2 of which we know already: Batman v Superman in 2016 and Justice League 2018 (I’m not counting the Shazam movie as that it being made by New Line and not Warner Bros.). Now i can’t say I’m hugely familiar with his work, but after I heard this news I went to watch one of his movies, called End of Watch. Now holy shit if you have not watched this movie please do! It’s a documentary styled gritty cop movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal with a simple, yet compelling story. But the main reason why is it so compelling is because of the way it is directed. This guy knows come to keep you tense throughout a movie, which would be perfect for a suicide squad movie.

Now you need to know that Warner Bros. hasn’t actually confirmed this is happening but here’s hoping right! The suicide squad movie could be a nice low budget movie (especially compared to  movie like batman v superman) that won’t cause any superhero fatigue with the audience, because well, they’re not superheroes. Now I for one will never get over superhero movies ,but the same can’t be said for the general audience. So a movie like this adds much needed variety into the comic book genre.

Oh and if you have no idea who the suicide squad are, they are basically a team of villains formed by a government group (a dodgy government group) to take on serious, suicidal missions, which in turn will cut off time from their sentence. The new 52 team has had a roster of different team members, but the 2 main ones, and my 2 personal favourites, are Deadshot and Harley Quinn.

On that note I have noticed so much hate for Harley Quinn recently! Why?

Anyways right now that’s all the information we have on the situation, my hope is that in the coming months this movie gets confirmed by Warner Bros. themselves. And if that doesn’t happen then I’m all for a suicide squad spin off TV show from Arrow.

So what do you think? Do you like the suicide squad? Do you want to see a movie about them, or do you reckon someone else from the DC roster deserves a movie first (ahem badass wonder woman movie please). Let me know!

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